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Why DO Nice Guys Finish Last? [video]

Skip the Sulking and Discover Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last Further to yesterday’s video post, men with “nice guy syndrome” are still asking me why do nice guys finish last and why do women like bad boys? In this video, I give you my definition of a “player” “bad boy” “nice guy” and “good […]

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Nice Guy Syndrome: Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Have Standards + Set Boundaries = Be Attractive. Greg, a single man, is a good friend to his buddies and a nice guy to women. Recently, Greg stumbled on my video of an interview I had with Connor Beaton (founder of ManTalks) discussing the book Nice Guy Syndrome by Dr. Robert Glover. Connor and I […]

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No More Mr Nice Guy Book by Dr. Robert Glover

no more mr nice guy

Stop Being “Nice” Start Getting Girls Hey Guys! Guess what? Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr Nice Guy, is coming to Vancouver! Stay tuned for more details… I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Connor Beaton, founder of ManTalks. He was a classic “Nice Guy.”   A True “No More Mr Nice Guy” […]

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How To Avoid The Friend Zone

how to avoid the friend zone

And… How to Get Out of The Friend Zone Guest Post by Pratik Jain, Way of Women My “how to avoid the friend zone” story starts with me talking to a glorious woman about men in her life. I noticed an expression on her face of both sadness and irritation. I asked, “What happened?” She […]

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Nice Guys Finish Last and How To Be Less “Nice”

Why DO Nice Guys Finish Last? The question, “Why do nice guys finish last?” is one of the most common conundrums I hear about from, well, nice guys. And many of those nice guys are shy guys, which isn’t a coincidence. More on that in a minute. But first, why do nice guys finish last? […]

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