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Sex Toys—The Big Tease or Aiming To Please?

Facebook Friend/Follower sent in this question re: Sex Toys “You asked about a writing topic. Ok lol … During my dating time [when] we both clicked, [it] usually took 3 dates before sleeping together. Of those, sex had always started more on the innocent side, could be hot but no ‘hardware’ was used. Those were slowly […]

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Do Women Like Cheesecake Better Than Sex?

Seriously? Do Women Like Cheesecake Better Than Sex? Another write-in question, perhaps in half jest. Either way—relevant! Short answer: sometimes, yes. We also like kittens and forest walks and girl friend time and cuddles and rom-coms better than sex. Sometimes. Why would women like anything better than sex? Men usually don’t. Or … do they? Men […]

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