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The 33 Secrets to Dating Beautiful Women Program

    A lot of men have asked me to provide advice on short term or hook up strategies.

    Unfortunately, this is out of my area of expertise.

    But I want you to have every tool available to succeed in your relationship goals, so in the fall of 2019 I started researching who the best pick up artists in the dating game are.

    My criteria included PUAs who must:

    • Genuinely love women
    • Respect the desire of some men to want family &/or marriage
    • Have a proven track record
    • Be an ethical, decent human with integrity
    • Offer affordable, high value programs

    And must NOT:

    • Believe no woman is worth it
    • Shame men who want marriage and/or family
    • Use “red pill” philosophy as an excuse for misogyny
    • Promote lying/using/manipulating/discarding women

    If you agree these are the appropriate qualities to seek in a PUA, you’re in the right place!

    Some of the candidates who didn’t make the final cut are great men and fantastic coaches, but either charged way too much (C.C. charges $1000+/hr and doesn’t offer online or in-field programs) and/or have been off-the-market and out of the in-field game for too long (D.B.) to fully appreciate how the dating in the world has changed.

    Another coach (A.J.) has good tips but doesn’t offer specific training or affordable online and/or in-field options.

    One coach (G) thinks treating women “like dogs” is good advice.

    Many others are sleazy or just in it for your money. No es bueno!

    So, after months of investigation and deliberation, this is my top pick:

     Matt Cross

    Based in L.A., Matt is in his late 40s and has been active in the PUA scene for over 25 years.

    He’s had long term committed relationships and short term, rotating “dating only” relationships (fully disclosing to the women the nature of the relationship).

    He’s had his heart broken and learned from his youthful, early mistakes.

    I’ve been acquainted with Matt since late 2019 when I started interviewing PUAs. His programs and personality meet all the criteria.

    Head’s Up!

    Being used to my coaching style, Matt may come across as overly confident and, in his earlier videos wearing sunglasses, kinda cheesy!

    But he’s proven to be a good guy with a good heart and I know he can help you with the next level of your relationship goals whatever they may be.

    Head’s Up!

    Matt and I don’t agree on everything, but overall his beliefs and values align most closely with my own and he’s got the best track record.

    Plus, he’s in his late 40s and still dating young, beautiful, smart women. If he can do it, he can certainly show you how to get the woman you want.

    Matt offers online programs, a membership program and in-field training (in Las Vegas, baby!).

    I recommend starting with his flagship program: The 33 Secrets to Attracting Beautiful Women.

    Like my programs, Matt’s program comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

    When you watch the trailer you’ll see Matt’s advice is generally the same as mine but worded differently.

    If you decide to join one of his in-field bootcamps, let him know I sent you! (I don’t get paid, it’s just nice to know when another coach supports your work.)

    Excited for you in the next step of your journey!

    And if you’ve already found your sweetheart but feel like she’s pulling away, 33 Secrets could help you turn things around.

    Big hug,