Handle Rejection Like A Stormtrooper [Video]

Rejection sucks.

Or … does it?

Okay, fine. It does. At least when it comes to matters of the heart.

But in this vlog, you’ll learn how to handle rejection like a Stormtrooper, baby, yeah! And maybe even look at it as a welcome challenge. Read on…

When I was but a wee insecure teenage fledgling, I got rejected a few times by guys I thought were “like, for sure, my true love and, like, soulmate!” *sigh* I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know one of their last names. It must’ve been, like, just awful.

I write “must’ve” because it’s been so long since I’ve experienced that kind of rejection that I can’t remember how it felt. After failing to hogtie even one of those early rejectors, I somehow learned how to “get” guys—the wrong guys (for me), but still, this seemed like progress at the time.

I avoided rejection by only going after the men who I knew wouldn’t reject or ditch me. And look where that got me! (In case you don’t know where that got me: it got me cuckoo with a side of heartache. And single. But happy.)

The interesting bit is that when I went into real estate sales, at the tender age of 20, I loooved rejection. Seriously.

Whether it was a residual cuckoo effect or it was because I made a game of getting rejected, I used all those real estate “nos” to hone my sales skills and try new communication techniques, and I turned my “no” woes into WOWs.

My mantra: Every no is closer to a yes!

This is the awesome possum attitude that helped propel me to becoming Anna J: Super Star Realty Lady.

Real estate managers and brokers tell salespeople every day, “Don’t take it personally.”

Bullshit. Do.

It is personal. If you’re not effectively communicating how you can help someone—the client—achieve their goals—to buy a home or to sell a home—it is you. That’s sales.

In the dating world, you’re not looking for quantity, you’re looking for quality. And if you’re on this website, you also believe that what you’re looking for adds up to: one. The One.

When we retrain our brains to think of rejection as “one step closer to my right yes,” then we build up the stamina to sustain our self-esteem throughout the rejections that lead to our goal: The Right One.

AJ Heartache Prevention RX: Be yourself. Someone will love who you are “as is, where is.” But! If you want your potential partner to be their best self, you’d better be your best (real) self. Plus, who wants to “forever after” fake a role? (Been there, dumb that.)

The Takeaways:

  1. Rejection means you’re in the game!
  2. Letting go of the “no woes” is a winning attitude.
  3. Winning attitudes are sexy, y’all.
  4. Hello! Winners win!
  5. Get real! Be (/become) the best you, which’ll feel better and get you there faster. High five!

handle rejection like a stormtrooperOh, and are you wondering about the whole Stormtrooper reference? They’re resilient fuckers that never give up. (They also serve the dark side, but don’t do that.)


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