He Cancels A Date Last Minute…Grrr! [Video]

What do we do when he cancels a date last minute?

Fellas, it would do you well in the dating world to read and learn … and ladies who be jamming last minute—don’t. This applies to both sides.

Here’s the dealio, as far as dating goes: Most of the time, women take way longer to get ready for a date than men do.

Men shit, shower, shave and throw on a nice shirt (hopefully) and a light touch of aftershave or cologne—maximum 30-45 minutes if he “spends extra time in the shower.”

Women start earlier—sometimes days earlier! We shop for the perfect outfit even though it might be jeans and a tee. We might buy a new lipstick or bronzer or at least depart with a new sample scent. We get our hair and nails done. We wax, pluck, plump, sanitize, moisturize, and minimize carbs—and this all happens before the date day! On the date day, we do touch-ups and 437 outfit changes because, even though we’ve eaten lemon slices for three days (minimum three days plus a few hours on the date day), we feel bloated in these jeans.

It takes us foreverrr to get ready the day of because we care about making a good first impression for you. So when you cancel on us at the last minute, we want to punch you in your sweet-smelling throat.

he cancels a date last minute wingmam

Note for the ladies: Have a back-up plan in case he jams. Do not let all that effort go to waste, or you’ll end up on the sofa watching reruns of SATC with Ben & Jerry going to (your) waist!

Note for the gents: Be a gentleman. Plan well. There’s only two excuses for cancelling a date last minute: death or dismemberment. (You think I jest? Not so much.)

Either way, we’ll all feel better if we take the advice in the video—put our rose-coloured glasses on and see the bright side. Why? Because it feels better! Reminder: Ben & Jerry.


  1. Cancelling dates last minute causes an epidemic of disappointment-induced ice cream binging, which means y’all better appreciate “more of me to love”—not that there’s anything wrong with that! Unless, of course, we don’t want to gain weight. Cause and effect, people, cause and effect.
  2. It’s way more fun-licious to indulge in ice cream together. On a date. #Numnum

xo AJ

p.s. Not all women take days or even hours to get ready for a date, but if y’all fellas want those of us who do to put in the extra effort, please make it worth our while—show up.

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