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Get a Husband. Or Get Some Under-the-Sheet Action. Your Choice.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a husband, start a family, have that whole white picket fence dream.

And there’s nothing wrong with simply wanting sex and nothing more right now, or ever.

These are the rights we’ve fought for, ladies! But it’s up to us to really own it. Without self-judgement and without judging others for their choices.


Radical, unapologetic, damn-empowered honesty.

Here’s an article I wrote for Aaj Magazine that you might enjoy, Secret Radical Hustling Tip To Attract Babes. Written speaking mostly to dudes, but not gender-limited! #realfeminism

Starts on page 82.

So, which boat are you in? The for-a-good-time boat or the for-a-long-time boat? Do tell! (Remember, there’s no wrong answer.)

xo AJ

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Dating, Love and Relationship Coach Founder: Wingmam, Vancouver, Canada Warning: Not PC, not a feminist ❤️

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