What to Wear on a First Date (video)

What to Wear on a First Date …

Ladies, if you just want to get laid, that’s easy: lots of flesh and body hugging attire.

But what if you want a relationship?

Should you dress as sexy? How much should you show and how much should you hide?

Like it or not, biology plays a part in what you should wear on a first date if you want the guy to see you as more than just sexy.

Before you get those pretty panties in a knot, watch the video to find out why.

This has nothing to do with feminism, equality or women’s safety.

This is basic biology and if it don’t sit well with you, take it up with God, I didn’t create men, I’m just de-coding them for yah.

Find, attract and keep your special sweetheart … here’s how! …

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