When to Text After a First Date [video for men - Whaaat?]

When to Text After a First Date (Dating Advice 2018)

One of the toughest things to know is when to text after a date and how often you should text when you like someone.

You don’t want to text too often and come across as desperate or needy, but you don’t want the other person to think that you’re not interested.

So where’s the sweet spot for texting, especially texting after a first date?

And should you flirt by text? What about sexting?

Texting after a date is definitely a good idea if you like the person!

In this video we talk about when to text, what to text and how often to text so that you can build attraction and get to the next date faster.

While I shot this video with men in mind (they need the extra help!) there are some juicy tips 😉 😉 that y’all ladies will appreciate!

Thoughts? Feedback? Join the conversation – comment!!

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