Simple Steps to Start Building Confidence

Simple Steps to Start Building Confidence

I used to be so shy I couldn’t walk down the street without being self-conscious that someone driving by would look at me. I had zero confidence.

But I got over it!

If you are struggling with severe shyness and really low confidence, then these are the first steps to take to start building confidence.

They may sound overly simple and perhaps even easy, and when you’re just starting they will feel weird. But they work!

If you want to get confidence and be able to approach women and talk to women or even just send out that first message on a dating site or app, you gotta start somewhere.

Confidence is a skill that can be learned! As I mentioned, I learned it!

So, watch the video and then let me know in the comments some actions you’re going to take based on what you learned! We can all learn from your ideas!

Plus, I really love reading your comments. I want you to win in the love game.

That shit lights me up.

xo AJ

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