Ghosting. Does he like me? (video)

Got Ghosted?  (Does he like me?)

If you’ve asked yourself “does he like me?” then this video will help you sort through what ghosting is along with benching, bread crumbing and cushioning, and what to do if you’ve been ghosted, etc.

Understanding what the names of these dating mishaps are doesn’t assuage the anxiety of wondering does he like me, but by understanding them, you’ll learn what to do when a guy pulls away.

Essentially, no matter which term might apply to you, the good news is that the action plan is the same.


Yes! It’s pretty simple, if not easy to implement.

Remember, there’s a difference between not caring, pretending not to care and surrendering.

But if you can go out and get a life, then you’ll fast track to surrendering and bringing up your sexy points!

Find, attract and keep your special sweetheart … here’s how! …

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