How to Get Out of a Bad Date (video)

Get Out of a Bad Date

OMG! We’ve all been there. Painfully checking the time and wishing we knew how to get out of a bad date!

If you’ve ever had an awful date experience and wondered how the heck to end the interaction early, this video is for you!

We’ve all gone out with a guy and sat there distractedly thinking about how to bow out in a respectful way.

The good news about bad dates is that you don’t have to suffer through it for any longer than it takes you to know that, yes, it really is bad.

You can free yourself! Yay!

In fact, when we leave a date early we’re actually doing our date a favour!

So, don’t stick it out on a date that sucks. Watch the video to find out how to get out of a bad date!

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