Why Do Men Date Younger Women? (video)

Tips for Chicks – Why DO Men Date Younger Women?

The topic of why do men date younger women is a touchy subject. In fact, a lot of women hate this video I did!

Here’s the thing. From what I’ve heard from men, they date younger women for a number of legitimate reasons.

And I gotta tell ya, if this video pisses you off, then yes, you’re part of your own problem.

Don’t get bitter. Get better. Then you’ll stand out from all the Bitter Pill Jills out there. (There are a lot.)

Why do men date younger women? Here are five reasons!

1. Older women often come across as bitter and jaded. Younger women are fun and playful.

4. Older women have ticking clocks and wounds from exes. And baggage, like kids.

Oh, that was only two reasons. Can you guess the other three?

Comment below this post! Then watch the video and see if you guessed right!

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