12 More Questions to Build Intimacy (Part 2 of 3) Video

The Next Set of 12 Questions to Build Intimacy

Here’s the next set of questions to add spice to your next date.

Don’t ask them all at once unless you want to make him fall in love with you…

Just kidding, he likely won’t fall in love that quickly. Sorry, Lovely.

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Remember, Arthur Aron’s 36 questions are meant to build intimacy but you also want to leave him wanting more, so don’t ask them all at once.

Building intimacy is about sharing vulnerabilities. You can’t fake that shit, so don’t even try.

But you can get closer to real vulnerability with this next set of questions to build intimacy.

Worth a try.

Let me know which question would be toughest for you to answer. Or to ask!

xo AJ

p.s. I wrote this at the end of a long week. I’m tired. Not sleepy-tired, but bone-deep-tired. (That sounded dirty.) (You’re welcome.)

Disclaimer: I’m not a shrink or professional therapist. These are my opinions only, use with caution. You’re responsible for you. Yes, adulting is hard. Such is life.

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