Questions to Ask a Man to Build Intimacy (Final 12!) video

Arthur Aron’s Questions to Ask a Man

Will you magically make him fall in love with you with these final set of interesting questions to ask a man?

Probably not.

But there’s still a chance you’ll gain closeness with him so he wants to get to know you better.

Arthur Aron’s 36 Questions are meant to be asked in sequence (click here for the first set) because they become progressively more intimate, requiring more truth and vulnerability to answer and to even ask.

So, if you want to build intimacy with your date and always have something intriguing to talk about then keep this list of questions handy.

Remember the Wingmam motto: always leave them wanting more!

So don’t ask them all at once. Leave something for the next date.

Which of Arthur Aron’s questions would be toughest for you to ask? Answer?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for watching, reading, commenting and just being here. I appreciate you. For reals.

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Jonathan says December 27, 2019

Do you really want to know? Having watched some of your videos, I am comfortably introverted and I’m intelligent in several ways. Should be enough to put my constructive criticism in a less than obscure context.

1. They are superficial. This is something a married with kids guy friend would ask me because he’s extremely extroverted. Blah for real life engagements unless they come up spontaneously.

2. They can be misleading. Depending on when and how they are asked, it can give a guy the wrong image of a woman who is so insecure that she has to resort to a list of prep questions to take the test of discerning possible relationship value. It may make her seem superficial, boring and leaving few positive qualities remaining “on the table.”

3. Does what I say in this comment really matter if you don’t know me or what I value in life? That’s unfair in that it strongly calls out for a personal response when don’t know me. It may feel like I crossed a not so permissible boundary. But that’s my point in asking! Because the feeling you got when you read it the first time is the feeling a guy can experience when being hit with something that seems disconnected, probing, and perhaps unwarranted in context.

Sorry to criticize to help you improve. It could have been accomplished if I gave the manner of approach more thought. However, your insights are good, especially because they come from a woman’s perspective. (Guy advice usually aims at “how to get her to spend the night.”)

    Anna Jorgensen says December 28, 2019

    Simple solution: Adjust the questions to suit your personality. I’m an introvert, too, and find superficial chitchat mundane, but not everyone is like us so sometimes it’s useful to start at the shallow end of the pool.
    Thanks for your input! 🙂 Anna

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