Dating a Younger Man. Is it Right for You? (Video)

Dating a Younger Man. To Do or Not to Do (Him)!

If you look at the celebrity circle, you’ll see more and more older women dating younger men. (Hello, J-Lo is dating a younger man! Again.)

Almost all guys have, at some point, wondered what it would be like to date an older woman.

Have you considered “trying out” a younger man?

I don’t just mean for sex, though there is that, too.

Some older women have had enough of the oldies. Heck, some women are not interested in a relationship at all.

But whatever your motivation, whether you act on it or not, the consideration of a younger lover is just part of exploring our sexuality.

Speaking of Sex…

For some older women, dating a younger man is just about the sex. In which case, right on… and, well, ride on!

But for others, sex isn’t the only (or even primary) consideration and it’s more about feeling compatible with the person.

Compatibility can def definitely include sexual compatibility. But it also includes some other things that can make or break an age gap relationship.

I talk about this more in the video!

Older Dudes Dating Young Hot Thangs…

What about older men dating younger women? It happens all the time. Younger women seem 😉 to have a lot to offer!

But not every guy wants a younger woman, I assure you!

Check out this excerpt from a comment by one of my male YouTube followers:

Now at 50, we’re talking about young women where I am old enough to be their dad. So, on the surface, I am a father-figure… I avoid serious relationships with young women, because another factor presents itself, infatuation. What a young woman feels at present may dissipate over time, sometimes in a very short amount of time. So, I can’t tap-in to my strong emotional attachment reservoir when it comes to young women. I simply can’t give it my all, and any woman I commit to for the long haul should have me all-in when it comes to her. So, the young women I associate with now I treat like a surrogate daughters.

So, there you go!

Is there a difference between dating someone our own age and does an age difference in dating matter?

The answer is: YES, it does matter!

But again, only if you’re thinking long term.

And for some older gals if it doesn’t last forever, it doesn’t matter.

But there are practical things you need to consider if you’re contemplating getting into bed with a much younger lover! (Hello, wallet! Hello, kids!)

In this video, I explain more about when an age gap relationship can work and when it’s a lost cause certain to end in heartbreak.

Are you interested in dating older or younger men? I’m curious! Let me know in the comments, I love reading your comments!!

xo AJ

p.s. Older women sometimes need naps, especially if they’ve just eaten a big greasy grilled cheese sammich with orange marmalade! (Try it, you might like it!) 😉

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