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How to Be Beautiful

That’s the title of a convention in Florida this October (2020) hosted by 21Studios with an all male speakers lineup aimed at teaching women how to be beautiful through reconnecting with our femininity and understanding men.

The tagline of the convention is: Make Women Great Again™.

Ladies, did just reading that tagline, Make Women Great Again™, trigger you?

A few years ago, it would’ve triggered me, too — big time.

But now…

Well, I think the phrase has merit.

I believe radical feminism has had a devastating effect on femininity.

And if you’re a straight woman and, like me, equate femininity with beauty — know that a lot of men do, too.

Before you click away, please hear me out.

I believe feminism started with equality in mind — fair treatment of men and woman, but as feminism has evolved, female femininity has devolved.

Side note: Third and fourth wave feminism seems to be focused on attaining inequality and the superiority of the female agenda. To me, anything that devalues an entire subset of the population simply because of their sex goes too far — but that is best saved for another blog.

Many of us women are so busy trying to be boss babes, we’ve forgotten how to be feminine women.

Men and Women are Equal but Not the Same

In the eyes of God, I believe we are all equal; equally valued, equally loved.

But by and large, men and women are still biologically, neurologically and emotionally wired differently in many ways.

Sure, everyone, male or female, has a sliding scale of masculine and feminine qualities.

And, yes, there are always exceptions and the number of those exceptions may be growing because of nature and nurture…

Social pressures, standards and influences (like feminism) affect our physiology (our neurology), and our beliefs, values and actions.

We’re breeding out and conditioning out femininity like it’s some sort of irreparable flaw.

How messed up is that?

Hint: Very messed up!

If you’re wondering why that’s messed up, perhaps you’ve forgotten the value of female femininity and its relationship to beauty.

Most of the world allows us to choose how we’ll be — think, speak, and act in the world.

If you are not open to being more feminine, this post is not for you.

But if you’re a woman who wants a good masculine man or you simply want a man who values a woman’s true beauty and femininity, but you can’t seem to find, attract or keep a good guy, then this post is for you.

And, if you’re wondering if being Little Miss Bossy Pants is keeping all the good men away, then read on with an open mind and heart.

Where This List Came From

The first 12 traits were shared via Twitter by Alexander Cortes to much contention and backlash from the feminist community.

The second 18 traits were brainstormed by moi, and while there are many other positive traits that women can display, like financial responsibility, these are the qualities I believe translate best into how to be more beautiful, particularly in terms of feminine energy.

They also happen to be the qualities hundreds of men have told me they wish women would reconnect with.

Do you have standards about the kind of man you want? (I hope so!)

Well, men should have standards, too.

We want men to be honest, but when they tell us exactly how to be beautiful and feminine, we punish them. That’s messed up, ladies.

Warning: Cortes’ list may offend some with its directness. (Directness is a masculine trait, after all.)

So, without further adieu, and with some minor “softening by Anna J for the sensitive” here’s…

Alexander J.A. Cortes’ List of How to Be a Beautiful Woman

  1. Be fit and healthy.
  2. Be a good cook.
  3. Have long hair.
  4. Wear makeup.
  5. Femininity.
  6. Gracefulness.
  7. Sensuality.
  8. Shave.
  9. Be fashionable.
  10. Wear pink and feminine colours.
  11. Love & listen to men.
  12. Stay classy.

That’s it.

Did you cringe? Did you get your back up? Are you still reading this?

Honestly, this list isn’t awful, yet the man who penned it sure got a lot of flack about it.

If you stay classy — see AJ list, up next! — then you’ll have a chance to win the heart of the man who wants to sign up for what you’re offering.

By the way, you’ll notice that my list has many gender neutral traits, are not appearance-based and can be attained by any woman.

Anna Jorgensen’s List of How to Be Beautiful (& Feminine)


13. Kind, gracious, courteous
14. Tender, gentle
15. Compassionate
16. Humble, down to earth
17. Charming
18. Nurturing and sensitive
19. Supportive and encouraging
20. Respectful
21. Loyal
22. Playful
23. Happy, content
24. Open and curious
25. Giving, generous
26. Receptive
27. Honest
28. Vulnerable and submissive
29. Body confident
30. Virtuous

How to be beautiful?

Be feminine by developing all of these traits … and Treat Men Great Again!

Masculine and feminine energy have polarities that attract each other.

If you want to attract a good, safe, worthy masculine man, then you’ll need to tap into your feminine energy.

The qualities mentioned herein are traits we should all want to aspire to no matter who we’re dealing with and whether or not we want to be more feminine or beautiful.

These traits are mostly about being a decent human being.

Have we strayed so far from kindness and thoughtfulness that these suggestions feel offside or oppressive?

If that’s the case, we’ve got much bigger problems than singlehood or “the patriarchy.”

Perhaps that common phrase I hear, “Where have all the good men gone?” is a result of… “What happened to all the good women?”

Embody the qualities in this list and,  if you so desire, you’ll have the man of your dreams by your side in no time — maybe even the same man who’s there now.

Namaste and much love… your biggest cheerleader,


Get the Full 30 Page Manifesto

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About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Dating, Love and Relationship Coach Founder: Wingmam, Vancouver, Canada Warning: Not PC, not a feminist ❤️

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