Can Bad Boys Be Tamed? (Short Answer: Yes, But…)

Well, CAN Bad Boys be Tamed?

Just like men like a challenge, so do women! We also like to earn our “keeper.” But can bad boys be tamed or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?

How To Train A Bad Boy

Oh, boy, deep breath…

Can a heritage building be retrofitted? Yes.

Can a stallion be tamed? Yes.

Can a bad boy settle down? Yes. But.

The heritage building requires extra ongoing maintenance; the stallion has unpredictable rebellious outbursts; and the bad boy, well, he offers both!

A bad boy needs extra emotional effort from his partner (compared to a “nice guy”) and displays, or has the desire to display, random acts of regression to prior “bad boy” behaviours.

How do I know?

Aside from obsessive theoretical study, I almost married one. He wrote the book on bad boys, The Manual. (It was a NYT best seller, in fact.)

He also wrote the book, Code of Honor, which everyone should read.

Here’s what I learned about Bad Boys

You can tame a bad boy! But it’s a helluva lot of work.

Much easier—mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically—to find a good guy instead of a bad boy.

In relation to dating, here are this week’s top five tips on…

Can Bad Boys Be Tamed?

Do believe a man’s actions.

If he says he’s interested but rarely or never calls, texts, replies, or sees you in person, he’s either too busy for a relationship, not that into you, or a bad boy.

Our ego may be tempted to tame him, but that’s silly.

Run! (Away from—not to—him.)

Don’t think that temporary good behaviour makes a good man.

For example, he’s sweet on you one day—sends flowers, gives compliments, texts often—but then disappears for days or treats you with disrespect at the slightest “transgression”—ignores texts, gives the cold shoulder.

This hot and cold behaviour is a passive-aggressive sign of emotional immaturity and potential future heartache.

This is known as, “stringing you along.”

Hint: grab your Nikes, ladies!

Do set standards and implement a three strikes rule.

But because we don’t know early on if he’s a naughty bad boy or a busy good man, it’s imperative to unequivocally let him know what those standards are.

Even good men are not mind readers. (Probably less so than a bad boy player who does know how you think so knows how to play you.)

Don’t go on the offensive when telling him your standards.

Men avoid relationships partly because they don’t want to experience “death by nagging.”

There’s a graceful and goddessy way of setting standards that doesn’t result in him looking for his sneakers.

Remember, be strong in your standards and soft in your approach.

The quick and dirty formula that actually works to get whatever you want with a man (and often anyone) is to start with a positive: I love it when you reply to my texts right away.

Let me know what that provides for you — hint: men innately want to provide for you. It makes me feel special.

Then move on to the request: Would you be willing to do that for me even if you just say ‘kinda busy, talk soon’?

You’re also giving him an easy solution on the “how to” part.

Close with another positive: I appreciate it, thanks Sexy ;))

Obviously, all men want to live up to “sexy.”

Do leave the ball in his court.

Give him the chance to work on these new behaviours.

As long as he’s making an effort, and you are appreciating and praising those efforts, you will see improvement.

If not and if you’ve done your part (which may include changing your own behaviours) then refer back to #2: running shoes, ladies, run … ning … shoes.

Can Bad Boys be Tamed Takeaways

  1. Bad boys = bad idea, hell no!
  2. Good guys with a slight edge = hello!
  3. Love yourself enough to not get caught up in the game of players.

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About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Dating, Love and Relationship Coach Founder: Wingmam, Vancouver, Canada Warning: Not PC, not a feminist ❤️

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Shannon says December 4, 2015

Good one Anna !

    Anna Jorgensen says December 4, 2015

    Thanks, Shannon! Heart Tulip Mistletoe!

Jay says December 4, 2015

Nice advice for women, although you’ll probably hate the dating advice given to men by this guy, LOL

    Anna Jorgensen says December 4, 2015

    LOL, Jay! That guy is awful… BUT.. some of his advice will work for guys who JUST want to get laid. HOWEVER, any guy that actually wants a meaningful relationship with a quality woman will NEVER get that following his advice. AND if guys get really good at following his advice, those bad habits become HARDwired (pun) and will keep them single FOREVERRR. So there you have it. Two different markets. Thanks for the comment! x

Patricia MacDougall says December 1, 2016

Excellent advise, even to one who knows from too much experience, “The Bad Boys”. Thank you for your work Anna Jorgensen!

    Anna Jorgensen says December 1, 2016

    You’re welcome, Patricia! Thank you for reading and commenting. And remember, “hurt people hurt people”… in other words, bad boys are that way because they’re messed up from whatever shit happened to them. We can feel sorry for them but still be healthy and avoid them!!

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