What It Means When He Takes Forever To Text Back

When He Takes Forever to Text Back… Grrr

When we’re totally into a guy and hoping he feels the same it can feel excruciating when he takes forever to text back!

I hope I don’t sound like a condescending, chauvinistic schoolteacher, so pretend I’m your BFF who cares about your well-being.

Ahead unfolds my no-holds-barred, truth-is-your-love-answer explanation.

Do’s and Don’ts When He Takes Forever to Text Back

Don’t fret or make negative assumptions.

Even after you’ve been on one, two, fourteen dates, when he takes forever to text back do not assume anything.

I know, it’s completely challenging!

Try to give him the benefit of the doubt and imagine that he’s actually a busy guy with a life. Do you really want someone who has nothing going on?

Booooring. Especially if you haven’t even met yet??

Really? Take a chill pill, Jill. (<– with love, Jill, with love remember.)

Real AJ Recent Life Example

I have a guy friend who I mostly stay in contact with via Messenger. We’re friends and that’s how it’ll stay.

I’d sent five, yep five, messages asking how he’s been and got no replies despite seeing that my messages had been read.

WTH, Hannah, why is he ghosting a friend??

Side note: Never send five messages in a row to a guy you’re interested in romantically! Way too anxious. Maximum two.

Anyway, on my fifth message I’d asked if I offended him or something.

Turns out he’d been in and out of the hospital and almost died (nothing to do with viruses)!

He apologized for not reply and I felt like a schmuck for feeling ditched and for making him feel like he should apologize basically for almost dying and not replying. 

So, yeah, stuff does happen.

Do have a life of your own.

This way you’ll understand when he takes forever to text back because sometimes you can’t get back to him right away because you. are. busy.

Remember, guys need a little bit of a challenge, which makes you more interesting.

Wingmam Motto: Always leave them wanting more!

And! It gives you something to talk about.

Which makes you … a high value woman.

Guys value high value women.

Don’t act like a low-value gal.

What’s low value?

Desperate, needy, clingy, aka “high maintenance” aka overly concerned when he takes forever to text back.

This doesn’t mean game playing, but it does mean not waiting around for the phone to ring, obsessively checking for his texts or constantly messaging him.

dating tips for women

Ice-cream or boyfriend? Both!

Pace yourself or you’ll give yourself an “expectations=disappointments” hangover and resort to comfort foods to feel better.

This hangover leads to “Ben & Jerry’s” hangovers, which then lead to not feeling good. #repeatcycle

Do have standards.

It’s okay to tell a man that you prefer to be picked up and dropped off after a date or that you expect and appreciate a text from him after a date, on the same night, to say something sweet or whatever.

Hint: he doesn’t have your playbook; you need to give it to him, and that’s OK.

Don’t be a bitch.

Seriously. Try nice instead.

Think of it this way: How would you ask your best girl friend for something?

Or your favourite gramma?

How would you want to be asked?

Treat a guy with that same respect.

Be strong in your standards and sweet with your words.

And if you don’t respect your BFF, gran, or self enough to be kind, then girlfriend, you ain’t ready to date Mr. Wonderful.


Breathe. Take a deep breath. It’s all going to be OK. (I did warn you about the schoolteacher me.) But seriously… #chillpill

Major Takeaways When He Takes Forever to Text Back

  1. Give the benefit of the doubt, but assert your standards in a kind–and therefore more effective–way.
  2. Step away from the ice cream!

Want the step-by-step map to the Love Meadow where you’ll find, attract and keep your Mr. Right?

That’s here.

You’re welcome! 😉

xo Anna

About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Dating, Love and Relationship Coach Founder: Wingmam, Vancouver, Canada Warning: Not PC, not a feminist ❤️

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Shannon says November 12, 2015

Good article Anna. I will read and re read.. repeat !

    Anna Jorgensen says November 13, 2015

    Thanks, Shannon! Let’s just say I’ve learned a lot from falling down lol xo

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