“How soon should I have sex with a guy I’m dating?”

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“How soon should I have sex with a guy I’m dating?”

Men never ask, “How soon should I have sex?” —shocking, I know.

The surprise, however, is that ladybirds usually ask me this question after they’ve had sex and haven’t heard from the guy. Again.

Reality Land is that, for most gentlemen, having sex right away isn’t a deal-breaker for a long-term relationship.

Really really.

Truth or dare?


  • Every committed relationship I’ve had started with sex.
  • None of the dudes dumped me or respected me less because I had sex with them right off.
  • I’m not a circus freak in the bedroom. (The reason they all stuck around and suffered a relationship with me can be found in this vlog, I promise.)

But there is a reason why I now live by this mantra: The next guy that beds this gal—weds this gal!

So, what’s the risk of having sex too soon?

Watch the video to find out the reason I changed my straight-to-the-bedroom habits and the answer to your own question, “How soon should I have sex with a guy?”

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