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Why Relationships Fail Before They Begin

Why Relationships Fail? Your Picker is Broken! With the divorce rate pushing 70% and most relationships on the rocks many people wonder why relationships fail. Whether you’ve experienced several relationships or whether you’re a starving virgin and you’re single right now, consider yourself fortunate! You’re about to be saved from landing a lousy partner and […]

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5 Basic Dating Tips For Women!

Dating Tips for Women Men Will Love…  As in: men will agree with these dating tips for women and men will more likely fall in love with a smarty pants lady who offers these attractive attributes.  Ladies, these five dating tips for woman apply whether you’re on a first date or on your fortieth:  Do act like a lady. […]

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Should a Man Pay for Dinner?

In the Modern Age—Should a Man Pay for Dinner or Is That Sexist? Should a man pay for dinner? Short answer: Yes. Yes! YES, pay! Longer answer: (yes if…) …the concept of a chivalrous act that has persisted when many others have diminished, is not financially driven. James Michael Sama Before we all get our […]

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How Much Time Should You Dedicate to Finding a Mate?

How Much Time Should You Dedicate to Finding a Mate? Whether you’re window shopping on dating sites, how much time should you dedicate to finding a mate is the same. If you don’t think you can commit this much time to searching for your soulmate / life partner / future husband / naughty-concubinesque-wife / person-who-will-see-you-drool-on-your-pillow-and-not-flee-the-scene … then you’re not ready […]

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“How soon should I have sex with a guy I’m dating?”

“How soon should I have sex with a guy I’m dating?” Men never ask, “How soon should I have sex?” —shocking, I know. The surprise, however, is that ladybirds usually ask me this question after they’ve had sex and haven’t heard from the guy. Again. Reality Land is that, for most gentlemen, having sex right […]

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