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“How soon should I have sex with a guy I’m dating?”

“How soon should I have sex with a guy I’m dating?” Men never ask, “How soon should I have sex?” —shocking, I know. The surprise, however, is that ladybirds usually ask me this question after they’ve had sex and haven’t heard from the guy. Again. Reality Land is that, for most gentlemen, having sex right […]

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Attracted To Jerks?

“Why Am I Attracted to Jerks?” is Asked by Women and Men! Women fall for unavailable men all. the. time. So why are women attracted to jerks? And why do men often go for “bitches?” What gives? Why are we attracted to the wrong partner and why do we attract the wrong partners? This is […]

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What Really Turns Men On

What Really Turns Men on Might Surprise You! Interestingly enough, what really turns men are also qualities that work for women! No, these qualities aren’t going to prime him for sex right away, but if you’re interested in a long term relationship they’re definitely prerequisites. The traits men love in women and the qualities women love […]

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Why do Old Men Like Younger Women? (Grr..)

Why DO Old Men Like Younger Women?? It’s one of the most common questions I get from women over 40, “Anna, what the heck, why do old men like younger women? It’s indecent.” Believe it or not, it’s not all about the youthful choochie. That be stand for va-jay-jay, which yes, is also slang. In the […]

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Can Bad Boys Be Tamed? (Short Answer: Yes, But…)

Dating 101: Tips For Chicks. Dating Advice For Women. Bad Boys.

Well, CAN Bad Boys be Tamed? Just like men like a challenge, so do women! We also like to earn our “keeper.” But can bad boys be tamed or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment? How To Train A Bad Boy Oh, boy, deep breath… Can a heritage building be retrofitted? Yes. Can a […]

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