May 31, 2016 | 50 First Dates, Dating 101, Tips For Chicks | By: Anna Jorgensen | 3 Comments

Dating site: POF (I think) then Facebook 2010 (!) with a follow-up last week (!!) Stats: Early 40s, no kids Work: Building / Architectural Designer Things to contemplate when considering long distance dating or a long distance relationship … I have no recollection of chatting with Seattle Sailor, but it was six years ago after all.

April 12, 2016 | 50 First Dates | By: Anna Jorgensen | 0 Comments

Is Smoking a Dealbreaker? Dating site: Age: 50s Kids: don’t think so. Work: management In all fairness, it was my fault. I didn’t read his profile. Or maybe I did, and I can’t remember because they―dating site profiles―start blurring together after a while. Hey, don’t judge―this is honesty. Anyone on a dating site long

April 5, 2016 | 50 First Dates | By: Anna Jorgensen | 0 Comments

For Women’s Safety I’m Posting This. Dating site: Age: early 50s Kids: none Work: network management Concerned Citizen messages me on to see if I’m seriously looking for a mate or selectively soliciting business. I reply back, “Both. Either.” Then offer, “You’ll get honest feedback. Might help with the next one if I’m

March 28, 2016 | 50 First Dates | By: Anna Jorgensen | 0 Comments

My third official first date for social study “Project: 50 First Dates.” Dating site: Stats: Mid 40s, no kids Profession: finance “Hey, did you used to be in real estate? … Never mind, I Googled you … [something about a risqué Halloween costume from a decade ago …].” I’m thinking: Oh, shit. (And) He’s hot! (And) Wait, I’m