What To Talk About on Date #2

  Project: 50 First Dates—First 2nd Date! Interestingly enough, First Date #1 (The G Man) who blew it after the first 1st date—details to follow—and then made a big recovery—hold your horses, I’ll get to it—ended up coming in as my first 2nd date. You still with me? So what do you talk about on […]

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Handle Rejection Like A Stormtrooper [Video]

Rejection sucks. Or … does it? Okay, fine. It does. At least when it comes to matters of the heart. But in this vlog, you’ll learn how to handle rejection like a Stormtrooper, baby, yeah! And maybe even look at it as a welcome challenge. Read on… When I was but a wee insecure teenage fledgling, […]

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