A Note on Taking Responsibility as a Woman

Taking Responsibility Most people who hang on to bitterness, anger and resentment do so as a self-protection mechanism because past vulnerability lead to pain. But there’s a better way to deal with the crap we don’t want to have happen again. One of the most empowering things we can do is to accept total responsibility […]

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Manage Bad Boyfriend Behaviour (Make Him Change!)

Dating 101: Tips For Chicks. Dating Advice For Women. Bad Boys.

How Do You Manage Bad Boyfriend Behaviour? To manage bad boyfriend behaviour, first you need to discern if the boyfriend is bad or if it’s his behaviour that’s bad. On a what do do when he cancels last minute blog post, Too Kind writes: I’ve known for about 6 to 7 months now. He is […]

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Dating a Younger Man. Is it Right for You? (Video)

Dating a Younger Man. To Do or Not to Do (Him)! If you look at the celebrity circle, you’ll see more and more older women dating younger men. (Hello, J-Lo is dating a younger man! Again.) Almost all guys have, at some point, wondered what it would be like to date an older woman. Have […]

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Questions to Ask a Man to Build Intimacy (Final 12!) video

Arthur Aron’s Questions to Ask a Man Will you magically make him fall in love with you with these final set of interesting questions to ask a man? Probably not. But there’s still a chance you’ll gain closeness with him so he wants to get to know you better. Arthur Aron’s 36 Questions are meant […]

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12 More Questions to Build Intimacy (Part 2 of 3) Video

What's the difference between physical/sexual chemistry and intellectual/emotional connection?

The Next Set of 12 Questions to Build Intimacy Here’s the next set of questions to add spice to your next date. Don’t ask them all at once unless you want to make him fall in love with you… Just kidding, he likely won’t fall in love that quickly. Sorry, Lovely. If you want that […]

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