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How to Know If He Likes You After the Date (Is He a Player?)

How to Know If He Likes You After the Date (Is He a Player?) You’ve gone on a day with a guy and you really dig him but his actions are hard to read so how to know if he likes you after the date or if he’s just a player can be tough. But […]

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Should a Man Pay for the Date? (video)

What Say You: Should a Man Pay for the Date? Should a man pay for the date? If yes, should a man always pay? In the modern dating world with women yelling “women’s lib!” is it still expected that a man should pay for everything? I consider myself a “traditionalist” and a “modern” feminist so […]

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How Yoga Gives You Dating Confidence

Dating Confidence Through Yoga? Yes! Dating confidence doesn’t come automatically. Part of the fear when dating is that you may lose yourself in someone. We know that it’s not healthy to do so. Enter: Yoga. Unconditional love is promoted in yoga. For yourself and for others. When we learn how to practice that, we let go […]

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7 [REAL] Dating Goals You Need To Set When Looking for “The One”

Guest Post by Adil from LoveySigns Dating someone new is a bitter-sweet experience. If you want to find the one instead of just someone then there are some dating goals you need to set! It can be both exciting and scary at the same time. That’s why: Setting up certain dating goals will help you […]

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Get the Right Guy with a Great Dating Site Profile (Example)

how to get a guy to commit

Dating Sites = Online Shopping with No Pants On! (Get the Right Guy!) There is an unusual and counter intuitive way of using a dating site or app to get the right guy. And because I heart you, I’m giving you the secret here… Authenticity! You’re welcome. If that whupped you in the forehead like […]

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