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“Not into Hook Ups or Casual Sex”

Why Do Women Write “Not into Hook Ups or Casual Sex” on Dating Sites? This question came in from a guy I “interviewed” on the app Bumble—similar to Tinder and Badoo (formerly known as Hot or Not)—which, by the nature of the app’s limited requirements for registering and the ease in signing up, lends itself […]

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50 First Dates―First Date #7: Long Distance Dating?

Dating site: POF (I think) then Facebook 2010 (!) with a follow-up last week (!!) Stats: Early 40s, no kids Work: Building / Architectural Designer Things to contemplate when considering long distance dating or a long distance relationship … I have no recollection of chatting with Seattle Sailor, but it was six years ago after all. […]

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He Cancels A Date Last Minute…Grrr! [Video]

What do we do when he cancels a date last minute? Fellas, it would do you well in the dating world to read and learn … and ladies who be jamming last minute—don’t. This applies to both sides. Here’s the dealio, as far as dating goes: Most of the time, women take way longer to get […]

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