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Ghosting. Does he like me? (video)

Got Ghosted?  (Does he like me?) If you’ve asked yourself “does he like me?” then this video will help you sort through what ghosting is along with benching, bread crumbing and cushioning, and what to do if you’ve been ghosted, etc. Understanding what the names of these dating mishaps are doesn’t assuage the anxiety of […]

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3 Ways On How To Trigger Sexual Attraction On a First Date 1st Date [video]

3 Ways On How To Trigger Sexual Attraction On a First Date 1st Date If you want to ensure you’ll get a second date then you need to know how to trigger sexual attraction or sexual chemistry on a first date. We can’t ensure that every single person is attracted to us, but if there […]

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How to Get Out of a Bad Date (video)

Get Out of a Bad Date OMG! We’ve all been there. Painfully checking the time and wishing we knew how to get out of a bad date! If you’ve ever had an awful date experience and wondered how the heck to end the interaction early, this video is for you! We’ve all gone out with […]

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Do Guys Like Independent Women? (video)

Do Guys Like Independent Women (or Not So Much)? What’s your experience as a confident, kick-ass babe: do guys like independent women? In this dating advice for women video, we’ll explore whether or not men like independent women AND if a woman should change her behaviour to get a boyfriend. Do you intimidate men? In […]

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Get Over First Date Nerves and Be Confident on a First Date (video)

Get Over First Date Nerves (1st Date Confidence Tips) If you’ve ever felt you had to put on extra “pit stick” (deodorant) because first dates make you nervous, here’s how to get over first date nerves and be more confident. 5 Tips to prepare for a first date so you’re not as nervous and can […]

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