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Why Doesn’t He Call After The First Date? [Video]

Whyyy? Why Doesn’t He Call? Text? Send a Smoke Signal for Jebus Sake?? This one time, right after a first date, my roommate gave me two weeks’ notice to move, my car went to the repair shop, and then I got a call that my mom was in the hospital, so I borrowed a friend’s […]

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He Cancels A Date Last Minute…Grrr! [Video]

What do we do when he cancels a date last minute? Fellas, it would do you well in the dating world to read and learn … and ladies who be jamming last minute—don’t. This applies to both sides. Here’s the dealio, as far as dating goes: Most of the time, women take way longer to get […]

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Handle Rejection Like A Stormtrooper [Video]

Rejection sucks. Or … does it? Okay, fine. It does. At least when it comes to matters of the heart. But in this vlog, you’ll learn how to handle rejection like a Stormtrooper, baby, yeah! And maybe even look at it as a welcome challenge. Read on… When I was but a wee insecure teenage fledgling, […]

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