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21 Studios Convention for Men!

21 Studios Convention for Men (& Membership Link)!

I searched far and wide for additional resources for men who want to be their best regardless of what women want.

For men who want to feel like men and have valuable masculine skills in all areas of life.

I am excited to be partnered as an affiliate with 21 Studios, the best one-stop resource for real men!

21 Studios Convention for Men October 2020:

It’s long but if you’re thinking of going, it’s worth taking the time to watch.

Or skip to some of the JustTheTip highlights I found particularly meaningful:

  • 19:50-22:45 Anthony has your back; drop the cynicism.
  • 26:20-28:10 Women do want to understand men better; men need to understand themselves to understand women better.
  • 43:10-44:25 Men connecting in person is powerful. (AJ note: And emotionally safe.)
  • 56:50-57:27 Sometimes the truth sucks! #toughlove #takingresponsibility
  • 1:21:18-1:22:00 Tribe of men who’ve got your back is critical, y’all.

Promo trailer for 2019 21 Studios Convention:


Please use these links when purchasing a membership or convention tickets as it helps me keep decent chocolate stocked in my cupboard!

21 Studios University Membership Site (Tons of videos!)

21 Studios Convention for Men (Make Men Even Better!)

22 Studios Convention for Women (Make Women Great Again™!)