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Donate & Memoir

… writing my heart out for your learning and entertainment pleasure!


I also understand you may not want to invest in my online courses or coaching services at this time, but if my blogs or videos have made a positive impact for you and you feel moved to do so …

Feel free to donate the value of an overpriced latte 😉 or whatever you feel is apropos! I’m easy. (But not really.)

A donation is a wonderful gift to receive, thank you so much!

If you’d like me to answer a question, please write a public comment on one of my YouTube videos or visit my coaching page.

PayPal accepts most major credit cards and bank cards 🥰

And since I harp on y’all about authenticity…


If you want to get to know the real raw nutty me, buy my memoir: Me: A Rewrite – From Vanity Insanity to Self-Acceptance (Sort of).

This is not a dating advice book.

Keep in mind I wrote it several years ago when I was still figuring out my failed practice relationships (and myself).

It’s rather silly and you won’t learn much about how to be a better man, but if you’re curious about me, well, there’s plenty of that.

(Warning: F-bombs, political incorrectness, silliness, TMI* and God references.)

Click here to find out the major changes in me since I wrote the book. A lot has changed!!

If outside of Canada and USA, click the link below and click to redirect to Amazon in your country, otherwise search “Me: A Rewrite by Anna Jorgensen” on Amazon for your country.

*TMI: too much info

Get Anna’s Memoir CLICK on your country's flag or search Amazon for your country–>>

Not an Amazon fan? No worries!

The digital version of my memoir can also be found on Smashwords here! (Compatible with multiple ebook formats.)