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How to Know If He Likes You After the Date (Is He a Player?)

You’ve gone on a day with a guy and you really dig him but his actions are hard to read so how to know if he likes you after the date or if he’s just a player can be tough.

But there are signs a guy likes you and there are signs a guy is a player.

I received a question from a WingmamTV viewer about how to know if he likes you after the date or if he’s a player or if he’s just super busy.

Here’s AB’s Q:

A week ago I went on a date with a guy and after the date I send him the “thank you” text and he responded with a -.- face (This emoticon is just our inside joke for every time that I’m extremely polite.) 

Anyways, after that, three days later he liked my post on Facebook late at night…

Is he a player? Is he really just that busy?

He is a director so I know that his schedule is very very packed and fucked up… 

Should I forget him or what? Is he gonna call me again? I really like him and I think I have a little crush -.- 


Let’s break this down…

Cute Emoticons and Limited Texting

  1. Always thank a guy for the date, whether you like him or not. In this day and dating age, if a guy shows up and is halfway a gentleman, that counts. Sadly.
  2. If you aren’t digging the guy romantically / sexually, don’t flirt: no sexual innuendos, no hair tossing, no winking or playful teasing or touching. 
  3. If you are into the guy, then girl, you gotta do all of the things in #2 or he’s either only gonna play you for sex — if he a playah — or he’s gonna think of you as non-sexual. 
  4. Men don’t speak hint. Be obvert. Either all on or all off. No grey areas in to flirt or not to flirt.
  5. “Extremely polite” sounds like “extremely frigid” to me. Flirt, girl, flirt!

All is not lost, because…

Social Stalking

The positive: He was checking out your social media late at night and engaging.

The less positive:  Barely. Girl, a “like” is weak, especially for a director.

Which brings us to…

Is He a Player?

If you don’t remember anything else about dating advice, remember this:

If he like you, there won’t be any doubt whatsoever. 

He’s a director. That’s a status career. He can definitely get tail any time he wants. (I know a few directors.)

But just because a man can get tail (read: sex) any time he wants, doesn’t mean he’ll always want only sex. 

At some point, most men want to find a woman they can wake up with every day.

But …

Is He Just Really Busy?

If a man is still building his kingdom, then his career will come first. (If he’s a great lover, you’ll come, too, but it’ll be when his work is done for the day.)

Men need to establish themselves in their work and financial lives before they innately feel ready to settle down and take care of a woman. 

Yep, even if she making bank, baby. In fact, especially if she’s making big coin.

So, yeah, he could be super busy. But if he’s into you, he’ll reach out — 

— as long as you gave him the tingles down under. 

You don’t have to be a cock tease. In fact, don’t. That’s bad form. But…

Every man needs to feel sexually desired by the woman he’s with. Even if he has to wait to have sex with her. This is a primary need for men

(Compare this to women’s need to feel cherished.)

What to Do If You Suspect He’s a Player

  1. Tease him sexually (subtle verbal teasing is excellent for this stage) but make him wait for sex. If he really likes you as a person, he’ll wait for sex, but start initiating more communication.
  2. Don’t tease him relentlessly, otherwise you a cock tease. Blue balls will not result in wedding bells.
  3. Let him initiate contact with you twice as often as you initiate contact.
  4. If you forgot to flirt, then you’ve got to be bold now. Switch it up. Example, “Okay, so maybe I have a little crush on you and have been thinking some naughty thoughts, but since you’re Mr Busy Pants, I’ll leave it with you to come get me.” 
  5. Leave it with him to come get you! If he tried to go right into sexting, play a little but keep it chaste and shut it down early. “I’d love to continue this conversation … once we’ve gone on a few more dates. Still deciding if I like you ;)) xx” 

Reminder, if he likes you he’ll be intrigued. If he doesn’t or he’s just a player, he’ll push for more sext chat (or more) and then fade away quickly. #GhostTown

Bottom Line on How to Know if a Guy Likes You After a Date

Know your worth and don’t give away more than you’re ready to, but also give the guy hope of a green light for sexual intimacy somewhere in his future. 

Or more intimacy if you’ve already crossed the kiss line or the touch line or the whatever line.

Hint: Don’t give it all up on the first date or he’ll have nothing to earn.

Men need to earn their reward to value it.

Rule of Thumb on Men. Period.

If you’re acting the same with him with him as you’d be acting with your best girl friend, you’re not flirting, girl. 

Step it up!

xo AJ

p.s. Is this helpful? Comment below! And let me know how it goes! 

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