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Girl friend, I know you've seen a romantic comedy!

You know how at the beginning the heroine is confused, frustrated and kinda desperate? Maybe feeling hopeless. Maybe ready to give up. Maybe you can kinda relate. And then she goes through a bunch of challenges and has a big aha moment and finally gets the guy? Or... Decides he's not worthy of her!

Well, I help single women just like you rewrite your love script so you can fast track to the fun bits of your happy ending without all that struggle. I get stuck chicks unstuck and coupled up!

Be the goddess, attract a great man, live happily ever after!

Are you...
Afraid to flirt with men because you don't know how to without feeling like an idiot?
Frustrated by the dating scene because you don't understand what men need to commit?
Exhausted by rejection or getting ghosted and almost ready to give up for good? 

Are you sick and tired of being stuck in Single-Ville??

You're in the right place!

If you...
Are a good person despite the pain of your past.
Are willing to step out of fear and follow the steps to attract Mr. Right.
Are ready to learn what a good man needs and how to give it to him while still being you and attract lasting love...

You didn't land on this page by accident!

If you're ready to settle down without settling, rewrite your life and be the Goddess of your love story, my simple and easy step-by-step WakeUP2Luv study-at-home-in-your-PJs program may be right for you!

Because...Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Let's do this!

Dating and relationship coach

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