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18 Signs She’s Gaslighting! (Specific Examples!)

Signs She’s Gaslighting! What is gaslighting and what are the signs she’s gaslighting you? Gaslighting is basically when someone mind *bleeps* you into questioning your sanity and reality by manipulating, misleading, or straight out lying. By the way, these apply equally to men gaslighting women, so pay attention to if you display any of these […]

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How to Get a Girlfriend Online (During Covid!)

How to Get a Girlfriend Online (During Covid!) How to get a girlfriend online during covid is not much different than if there wasn’t a pandemic with restrictions. In fact, the benefit of dating online during covid is being able to slow down and actually get to know each other. Before we get into the […]

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Red Flags! (When to Walk Away)

Red Flags! (When to Walk, When to Run) Whether you just saw each other from across a crowded room, are courting, date or in a relationship, watch out for these red flags and possible signs she’s emotionally damaged! There will always be conflict and disagreements in relationships, the sooner you get over that fact the […]

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Should You Date a Feminist Woman?

Seriously, Should You Date a Feminist? (Surprise!) Before we get into should you date a feminist let’s look at what feminism is… Generally speaking feminism is basically a belief and effort to achieve equality of the sexes.  That’s the AJ simplified definition.  I think feminism has gone too far, moving into preferential treatment of women, […]

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Project: 50 First Dates―Date #4: Women’s Safety

For Women’s Safety & Your Dating Success… Women’s primary need with men is to feel safe, therefore women’s safety should be at the forefront of your mind when online dating. If you’re new to my blog, several years ago when I had just started blogging about my relationship theories, I “took up” online dating as […]

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