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3 Sneaky Ways to Get Her In The Mood for Love!

3 Sneaky Ways to Get Her In The Mood for Love & More! 😉 Whether you’ve just started dating, have been dating awhile or have been married forever, you’ll love these 3 sneaky ways to get her in the mood for love! If you’ve watched my videos for awhile you know that women speak a […]

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Warning: THESE 5 Types of Women Are Trouble!

Warning: These 5 Types of Women are Trouble Avoid at ALL Costs UNLESS… No matter how hot and or interested in you she is these 5 types of women are trouble and you could end up in a living nightmare! Maybe you’ve already experienced some of these difficult women. Here’s what happens… You meet an […]

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Pickup Artist Tactics: Do They REALLY Work?

Pickup Artists Tactics Here’s a short and sweet welcome to the new year video based on a comment from J on pickup artist tactics (do they really work?)… J says, I’ve had an interesting week. I was staying with a friend of mine who’s a pick up artist (PUA). He says you shouldn’t express your […]

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3 Things Women Instantly Notice About You!

Things Women Instantly Notice About You There are three things women instantly notice about you that turn her on and one surprising thing that turns her off. It’s always best to leave a positive lasting first impression and you will if you pay attention to these three things almost all women instantly notice about you. […]

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Do THIS When She Backs Away (Coach Corey Review)

Do THIS When She Backs Away… Coach Corey Wayne Video Review Coach Corey talks about how to attract women and re-attract women when they’ve gone cold in his video, Do This When She Backs Away… If you’re not familiar with Coach Corey Wayne, his videos usually include him reviewing a viewers’ situation. I watched several […]

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