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Dating Site: Plenty of Fish Lips

Dating sites, social media sites, media in general, music videos and hell to the yah—pornhub, y’all. Wherever we turn, there are girls puckering up and posing with plenty of fish lips.

I posted this meme on my social media site (Facebook) and caused a bit of a stir. Not the kind of stir that I suggest a provocative fish lip pic can produce, but the kind that kinda pissed someone off.

The feedback was thus—because it’s a public post and I respect his words, I’m including it in its entirety, verbatim:
plenty of fish lips meme

Him: wrong …no guy i know thinks that when they see that …

Me: Maybe not consciously 😉 … but what do you think they think?

Him: well, since I am male and a man and I like looking at all kinds of women and my guy friends and I talk about things, I can tell you that we find that facial expression really dumb. It makes a woman less attractive. It is not a turn on. Quite the opposite actually. Also, I do not like it when these kinds of images and expressions (memes) are put out there because 1) they’re not true for most men 2) they perpetuate an idea that’s simply not true 3) they make men seem like pigs (which most are not) 4) they make women seem like dummies (which most are not) …

First, total respect for a man who has an opinion and speaks his mind respectfully. Kudos, and thank you.

So, here’s the deal. In my humble opinion, I agree with most of his points because in my numerous conversations with men:

  1. Men do find that facial expression really dumb.
  2. Men think that it makes a woman less attractive because “that kind of girl” needs “a lot of attention and / or is insecure and / or is high maintenance.” Right, not a turn on.
  3. Most men don’t consciously think “sucks dick,” but―yep, I’m putting a but in here—but the sex area of a man’s brain is 20 times larger than a woman’s, so if I’m thinking “sucks dick,” then guaranteed that it ran through the subconscious area of a man’s brain (even if it didn’t register consciously). Congrats, you’re normal. (Though, I may not be.)
  4. Most men aren’t pigs; they’re simply wired differently than women. (See #3.)
  5. Most women aren’t dummies, which is why I’ve written “girls” referring to the gals packing pout.

Most smarty-pants men and women will see the ridiculousness and humour in the meme—my FB page does disclose that it’s “not PC.” The ones who don’t chuckle are either wound up too tight, puckering up or clicking “like.”

The meme was intended to discourage girls from continuing to post pouty fish lips pics and from looking dumb if they actually want something beyond the sexual attention they’re likely getting.


  1. Tip for Chicks: Wanna be the one he’s proud to take home to mom? Ditch the fish lips pics.
  2. Tips for Chicks: If you still prefer to post kissy-face photos, some fisherman somewhere will find your trout pout perfect.
  3. Tip for Dicks: If she’s putting out the pout, it ain’t your fault if you “like” it.

In all fairness, I ought to do a post about Plenty of Fishermen—men posting “Look, I’m holding a fish!” pics! 😉

xo AJ

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Today we talked about ladies lips. In my next blog post, we’re talking about men’s bits. Yep, penis matters.

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