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Dating Tips for Women Men Will Love… 

As in: men will agree with these dating tips for women and men will more likely fall in love with a smarty pants lady who offers these attractive attributes. 

Ladies, these five dating tips for woman apply whether you’re on a first date or on your fortieth: 

Do act like a lady.

Be gracious: say thank you when he opens a door for you, pulls out your chair, or pays for your meal.

I’m shocked and appalled by how often men tell me they don’t receive basic thank yous.

Really, ladies, is that how you’d treat your friends? If yes, it’s a wonder you have any.

If you are a dame in the classy category: thank you! Thank you for representing women well.

Don’t be argumentative, but don’t hide your truths.

If you have a differing opinion about something, absolutely respectfully offer it.

Authenticity is not only sexy, but it helps you and your date determine compatibility early on and maintain stimulation later.

If you can jest with or tease him in a playful way while agreeing to disagree, you get big ass bonus points! (Remember, men love points.)


If he wants to live on a beach in Mexico half the year and you can’t stand sand between our toes, it’s worth mentioning.

(This happened to me. I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I didn’t mention my disdain of resort life and potential foot fungi from contaminated sand. Eww! And, whoops, my bad.)

Do know your ultimate deal makers and deal breakers before any date.

Know your top five must-have’s.

When you set a psychological lasso around important qualities that you desire, you do two things: one, you establish a red-flag recognition system; and two, you don’t red-flag the negotiables.

The reason I suggest a top five instead of top 100 is because, unless you be Jessica Alba, you ain’t perfect.

And if you be Jessica Alba (or similar facsimile) what the hell you doing here, girl friend? (And, um, please endorse me.)

Shameless plug for WakeUP2Luv program: I can help y’all figure out your top five and “fix yer picker!”

You know why?

I’ll tell you…

Because in 87% of cases, we think we know what we want, but we’re wrong.

Know how I know?

Because, unless you be Alba, you be single right now, yes?

And how’s your “picker” worked out for you so far?

(I apologize for the offensiveness herein, which I totally acknowledge. Chalk it up to PMS-induced sarcasm?)

This WakeUP2Luv plug went way off the rails.

Anyway, moving on…

Don’t forget one of his primary needs, especially on a first date, is to feel appreciated.

A man has several other primary needs—to protect, to provide for, to procreate—but early on he simply doesn’t want to mess up.

Accept that men do not intend to disappoint us.

So. Refer back to #1: Act like a lady.

Thank him for the meal and offer to buy next time or to buy him a coffee or to make him dinner soon or something (not sexual).

But Anna, what if I never want to see him again?

Simply say, Thank you!

Hint one: Kindness and decency doesn’t mean you owe him anything more.

He might not be right for you, but don’t leave him jaded for the next gal, who might be his right match.

Hint two: hope that a gal does the same thing for her wrong but your right man. #payitforwardfirst

Do stop making up stories about how a guy is feeling.

Remember: men and women—like everyone—have similarities.

And just as you are different than your girl friends and it took more than the first meeting to discover their preferred communication styles, it’ll take time and asking (novel idea) to find out his communication preferences.


I personally loathe texting and talking on the phone. (Maybe it comes from twenty years as a supremely busy realtor on call 24/7.)dating tips for women

I’m more like a guy this way, so I get how guys feel about women’s texting and communication demands, er, I mean, needs.

(In my experience, it’s usually women who want more communication than men.)

I might like a particular man, but I have a life, and I’m busy.

Sometimes “busy” means sitting at home doing nothing and not texting or talking.

And that’s perfectly okay!

It doesn’t mean I’m not interested.

It means I no like texting or talking on the phone, and sometimes I want to do my own thing.

By the way, gals, doing these things for a man isn’t disempowering!

In fact, having the self-assurance to gift a man with these basic courtesies displays goddess-quality super powers. Factoid.

Become your most empowered and attractive Goddess-y you and get the man you really want with WakeUP2Luv.


xo AJ

My newer videos are aimed at the fellas but here are my videos for y’all ladies…

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  1. Hey Anna – So you’re not PC or a feminist???

    I love you already!

    It is SOOOOOO GOOD to see an intelligent woman at work who has her femininity intact. Tis powerful stuff for men who are starting to give up on women altogether because so many of them aren’t really women anymore thanks to political correctness and feminist propaganda.

    Thanks for striking a blow for sanity and upholding maleness and femaleness as it is meant to be.

    1. Haha, thanks! I’m allergic to PC and feminism but may have to curb my words as YouTube demonetizes my content when I’m not careful. Naughty YT! 😉

      By the way if you’re mistakenly subscribed to my women’s blog, you’ll find my men’s blog here.

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