Why Relationships Fail Before They Begin

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Why Relationships Fail? Your Picker is Broken!

With the divorce rate pushing 70% and most relationships on the rocks many people wonder why relationships fail.

Whether you’ve experienced several relationships or whether you’re a starving virgin and you’re single right now, consider yourself fortunate!

You’re about to be saved from landing a lousy partner and a long string of loneliness and heartache.

And whether or not you got the guy in the past and whether or not you were the one to leave the guy in the past, you are the one that did not choose well.

End of short story.

Hear me out, I’ll explain.

Let’s try a new short story…

Let’s say you go from broke to winning five million bucks, but you must invest it all in one portfolio.

Do you do some research and invest wisely, or do you throw it all in the hands of Sexy Broker Babe?

Hint: You may get a date, but you could also lose all your money, and if that broker is a woman, you’ll lose her too, because she’ll know you’re a knucklehead with finances.

But here we all are, ready to toss our hearts and whole lives into a mate we’ve done no homework on, and we have little to no understanding of what kind of investment we’re actually looking for.

The relationships we’ve had—or tried to have—in the past didn’t work because they didn’t meet our needs for a long-term partnership.

That’s why relationships fail!

We are the evidence of that. Obvious, right? Yet, here we are.

The good news is that all those past mishap relationships were practice.

We learned something valuable from every person who rejected, betrayed or hurt us. Likewise, if we wore the ass-hat in those relationships.

Sex first doesn’t often work because, when we don’t know what we want, we’re led by our loins instead of what really matters. Though sex also matters!

What to do?

Figure out your Top Five Must-Have / Deal-Breaker qualities that you need in your potential long-term mate. Only five?? Yep. Five.

The Reason For Five:

  1. We pay attention to the real red flags clearly and early.
  2. We don’t discount a potential mate when pink flags pop up.
  3. We recognize the right one sooner.
  4. Five isn’t too many to keep track of .
  5. I’m OCD. So, five it is.

My WakeUP2Luv program has a step-by-step process to figure out your real top five.

You may have more than five, but some of the qualities can likely be combined: for example, “lied a lot” and “not trustworthy” might be close enough for you to scratch one off.

If you’re still stuck, ask yourself the “why” behind the need; it may be something seemingly, totally different: “makes me feel emotionally safe” or “is 100% monogamous,” etc.

You can keep an “extra five” for the “would be nice if …” list, but remember we’re not movie stars, rock stars, porn stars or rich. Let’s get real.

Part of why relationships fail is trying to make our partner Mr. Perfect instead of choosing Mr. Perfect for Us.

By the way, quick-to-the-sheets relationships can work but they’re a lot of work, and we often destroy each other’s self-esteem with a “you’re not good enough” attitude―unless we really get lucky. *wink*

Why Relationships Fail Takeaways:

  1. Choose your next partner “as is where is” or move on. They don’t need fixing; your picker does.
  2. Finding the right partner sooner means we can have fun, safe sex (emotionally and physically) sooner.
  3. The world is a happier place when fewer horny guys are running around with “loaded guns.”

xo AJ

Fix your picker, become your most attractive you and “get” the man you really want with my WakeUP2Luv program today!

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