Dating Coach for Women – Are You Ready to Settle Down Without Settling?

Vancouver Dating Coach for Women Can Help You Find, Attract & Keep Your Soulmate

Dating, Love and Relationship Expert

Let’s find out if Wingmam is right for you. Are you:

  • Exhausted meeting or dating the same wrong guys – you need to “fix your picker”
  • Frustrated by not attracting the right partner and think all the good ones are taken
  • Confused about men and making mistakes but haven’t got a clue what they are
  • Sick and tired of being stuck in Singleville
  • Brave!  You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone to get what you want in love!

Vancouver Dating Coach for women Anna Maria Jorgensen

With this self-study-online-at-home-in-my-pjs program, you’ll learn:

  • What men need to settle down and sympathize with why they must have these things to commit from the heart.
  • How to give it all to them while still being your most empowered Goddess-y feminine you.
  • Never get dumped, ghosted or cancelled on! (Since I learned this stuff over 25 years ago, I’ve never been dumped, ghosted or cancelled on by any man I went for. WakeUP2Luv will show you how to have the same results.)

Advisory! WakeUP2Luv contains offside humour, a few swears and no BS advice. I’m gentle but I don’t sugar-coat it. (Totally possible.)

I am super impressed and have definitely learned new things especially the ‘about men,’ what they care about and how to attract them. 

- Denise

You should rebrand this for women in relationships. I wish I knew this stuff in my last relationship, it might have saved it.

- Cathy

Vancouver Dating Coach for Women Personal Coaching Services

The last few years I’ve focused working exclusively with men, because they don’t get offended by what I tell them needs to change — whereas I found most women require a far less direct approach.

Thats not me. I’m direct. Never mean, but I don’t sugar coat what needs saying (unlike your BFF would and should do).

If you prefer straight up honesty that’s meant for your best interest based on your relationship goals,  I’m opening my personal coaching to a few select ladies.

Detailed private answer to an email question (includes one private clarification reply) $295 USD 

Example here; my answer won’t be public.

A personal email reply with feedback and advice from me within 3-5 business days Monday to Friday 9am-5pm PST.

After your purchase, you will receive an email from me with instructions. (If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.)

Your email question can be a maximum of 1000 words if private, 500 words if public.

Vancouver Dating Coach for Women Program is not for you if you:

  • Are meeting a lot of great men and getting 2nd and 3rd dates with the type of guys you want to settle down with. Unless … you don’t want any of them. In which case, your “picker” might be broken and WakeUP2Luv can definitely help you fix that!
  • Don’t really truly  want to be in an intimate relationship. Seriously, relationships are not for everyone! (And that’s OK.) Unless … you think you might want one at some point, then WakeUP2Luv may help prevent you from making a painful mistake on who you choose!
  • Are not willing to let go of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you!
  • Suffer from mental disorders. I’m not qualified for that. 🙁

Please note: Anna is not a crisis support line. Please contact an appropriate agency. Get help – you are worth it! BIG BIG HUG!

You can trust me as your dating advice guru because I:

  • Am not a shrink! If you’ve ever had a “therapy session,” you probably know that therapists don’t give advice. Heck, that’s the most effective thing I can do for you: give dating, love and relationship advice and “homework” that works.
  • Am a woman, but I think like a man. Women’s surprise about men’s behaviour is the only thing that has surprised me all these years.
  • Are not willing to let go of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you!
  • I got rejected (or dumped) several times in my tender teenage years and decided that would never happen again. It didn’t.

I studied human behaviour, especially men’s. A lot. Like, obsessively. More relevant for you: I practiced a lot. Since then I’ve always “got the guy” I wanted.

This is not to impress you but to say, I “get” guys; I understand men’s needs. I can help you “get the guy” and live happily ever after.

And, I learned that what we think we want isn’t always good for us! I’ll help you learn from my practice relationships in the Fix Your Picker part of the WakeUP2Luv Program.

Have a question? Email me. (I save my phone call energy for clients, which you’ll appreciate if you’re a client.)

Why I do I want to be your dating coach?

  • I live vicariously through your love success! True story. I want you to succeed.
  • People get inspired! When I receive feedback from those I’ve positively impacted, well, that shit lights me up! I get the most feel-good giddy reward. Speaking of love…
  • I believe love is the answer. Not just in our dating relationships. It takes a lot of self-love (read: courage) to get out of our comfort zones to get what we want in life, including the perfect (for us) mate. You haven’t found him yet so take a risk.
  • Plus! I know the world is a better place when men wear matching socks. Men want help with their socks! And women want to find the guy whose socks don’t totally make them gag. (Including gentle feminists who’ll inspire their partner to pick up their own damn socks.)

I am making the world a better place by helping singles find, attract and keep lasting love, because …

Love IS the answer, people!

I can help you get unstuck and become your best self to find, attract and keep your special sweetheart and fast-forward to the laughies and fun bits.

xo AJ

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