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Promo! 2 Free 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions (Click for Details)

Free Dating Coaching Sessions? Well, Almost …

September is here. Back to school for many. And for the rest of us, it’s the memory of back to school. The realization that time is slipping away!

Are you still single?

If you’re still single and think it sucks, don’t let another fall and winter slip by solo! It’s time to take action toward your relationship goals.

How are you going to feel if you’re here next year and nothing’s changed? What about in five years? Ten??

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years it’s this:

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

And this:

Everything changes, but if we’re not changing, we’re falling behind.

So, here’s the dealio, the actual September Wingmam coaching promotion:

For the first five people who invest in themselves by buying my online self-study WakeUP2Luv – Get a Girlfriend Program, Ima throw in 2 free phone coaching sessions.

  1. Yes, I used the non-word “Ima.”
  2. Yes, you get to talk to little ol’ me, personally.
  3. “Old” jokes will get you disqualified 😉 jk

You can use the phone coaching sessions as a supplement to the program or for whatever else you might need help with, like

  • individualized suggestions on how to build confidence and get over shyness
  • personalized strategies on where to meet women and how to talk to women
  • time sensitive feedback on when to text and what to text a girl back
  • action steps to get your ex back (though, I’ll probably say you can do better #srsly)
  • what and how to change to get the girl you really want

Wow, right?

I know.

But here’s the thing …

I get super involved with my clients’ goals. Like, I’m thinking of you and your plight all the damn time, can’t help it.

That’s why I can only work with a few people at a time. Otherwise, I start to twitch.

So, if this is something you’re ready for, then click this link –> THIS LINK <– and invest in yourself.

Next Steps:

  1. You’ll get a confirmation email.
  2. Reply to that email with, “Next Steps” in the subject line.
  3. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to set up a 15 min bonus freebie intro phone call.
  4. In the call, we’ll talk about the best strategy for the 1-on-1 phone sessions for you.
  5. You’ll get off the phone feeling like a million bucks because you’ve taken action!

Are you ready, willing and committed to settling down without settling?

Or at least finding and attracting an amazing girl as your sweetheart?

Heck, are you ready to get past your fears so you can just have a life?

If you answered, YES! to any of these, then, Dude, this is your Divine tap on the shoulder!

Dooo it.

“What if I buy the program and I’m not one of the first five, Anna?”

Great question, glad you asked!

You can either save your two free coaching sessions for after I’ve completed sessions with the first five folks (and do the program in the meantime) or you can ask for a full refund. No Qs asked.

Fair enough?

I want you to succeed, if you don’t think my program will help you, then I don’t want you wasting your time or hard earned money.

You’re welcome.

xo AJ

p.s. The 100% money back guarantee on the WakeUP2Luv course applies until you’ve used your first phone session (excluding the 15 min hello-how-are-ya-intro-freebie). #norisk

p.p.s. Dude, what you still doin’ reading this?? Click here now -> CLICK ME!

Anna Jorgensen

About the author

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️
(Not PC and not a feminist.)

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