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Oops! My bad!!

So, as you may have noticed, I started a follow up campaign for those who’d signed up to get my (free) Instant Confidence Cheatsheet but hadn’t taken advantage of my other programs (Unshakeable Confidence System, Double Your Online Dating Training, WakeUP2Luv Get a Girlfriend Program). You got one (or several) of these emails by accident […]

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How to Tease a Girl Effectively!

How to Tease a Girl Effectively Knowing how to tease a girl (or a woman) without offending her requires knowing this one thing about the tease, because if you mess up a tease you could get punched in the gonads. Metaphorically, that is. Now that I’ve got your attention, and since no man wants to […]

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50 First Dates—First Date #1 (New video!)

Project 50 First Dates — AJ: Master Dater Several years ago, obviously when I was still “on the market” and single, I embarked on a 50 First Dates project. I thought I’d go back to my first official date for the social study and share the findings in story time format. Yes, I did tell […]

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Ditch Loneliness & Get a Girlfriend in 2021!

How to Get a Girlfriend in 2021 Why you need to know how to get a girlfriend in 2021…Loneliness and depression are linked to shortened life span! Though, the good news about a shortened life span is not having to endure said lonely life quite as long. Ugh. Loneliness was at epidemic proportions even before […]

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Attract Beautiful Women! (The 5P Strategy)

Attract Beautiful Women Using “The 5P Strategy” While beauty can be somewhat subjective, you know what you find attractive so we’ll use that as the marker for how to attract beautiful women. Just like when you’re looking to buy something new and you’re influenced by— Product Price Packaging Promotion Proclivity You, my friend, are the […]

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