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Things You’re STILL Doing That Turn Women OFF!

Things You’re Still Doing That Turn Women Off! STOP! NEVER Do THIS! Whether you’re flirting, dating or in a committed relationship you’ll want to avoid these 5 things you’re still doing that turn women off! Because men and women have different needs, a lot of men don’t realize foreplay begins right after her last O […]

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Wingmam still not cloned … :(

First, thank you for sharing your thoughts, life stories, successes, struggles, suggestions and questions with me—in other words, thank you for your trust! As much as I’ve tried to keep up with private emails, there’s only one of me and thousands of you… Not only am I falling behind in answering private emails, I’m not […]

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When Your Partner is Always Right! (Grrr!)

Ed H asks: What to do when your partner is always right and never wrong? If you’ve encountered this situation, you know how frustrating it is when your partner is always right and never wrong—or at least thinks they are! You start doubting yourself and may even start to question your sanity. They twist things […]

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Women DON’T Care About You! (The33Secrets Video Review)

Women DON’T Care About You? Really? Is it really true that women don’t care about you? Let’s look at Matt Cross’ channel: The33Secrets and go through his video, Women Don’t Care About You! This video was requested by AtomuS and David S and Matt’s The33Secrets channel has been suggested for review by many more. Full […]

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She’s Not Serious About You! (5 Subtle Signs)

When You Should Be Worried She’s NOT Serious About You Whether you just started dating or you’ve been together for awhile, these are the 5 big warning signs she’s not serious about you. Although they won’t all admit it, most guys want to find that someone special. A good woman you can have a proper […]

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