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How Do You KNOW She’s “The One?”

How Do You Know She’s The One? 5 Signs She’s The One & 1 She’s NOT! So you think you found a great girlfriend and everything is amazing but how do you know she’s the one? Here’s what happens… You finally meet a girl worth dating and so far she’s not like any other girl […]

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AMS They’re ALL Sluts! (Video Review)

They’re ALL Sluts. Really?? This video review of AMS’ They Are All Sluts is a viewer request from Jose D. AMS argues all women sleep around. And even if you’re in a relationship, you can’t trust your girlfriend. She’s sleeping with some other guy, or multiple guys, behind your back. AMS is definitely alpha, self-assured […]

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Step by Step Guide for How to Kiss a Girl

Step by Step Guide for How to Kiss a Girl (Make Her Want You!) There’s a right way and a wrong way for how to kiss a girl. Get it wrong and she won’t want to be intimate with you. But if you get it right, sparks will fly, she’ll go weak at the knees, […]

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5 Tricks Women Use To Manipulate Men

Tricks Women Use To Manipulate Men If you’ve ever dated a narcissist, you’ll recognize some of these nasty tricks women use to manipulate men. But what if the woman you’re interested in, dating, or even married to, is really sweet, sexy and fun to be with? She makes your favourite meal and compliments you and […]

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Psychology of Ignoring a Woman

Psychology of Ignoring a Woman (Review of Darius M’s Video) The Psychology of Ignoring a Woman is the first video of Darius M I’ve watched, so I’m basing my evaluation exclusively on this video not his channel. Have you ever had a woman cause too much drama? Do you know what to do when women […]

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