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9 Signs She’s a Masculine Woman (Surprise!)

Signs She’s a Masculine Woman She might be alpha dominant if she has three or more of these signs she’s a masculine woman even if she’s wearing a frilly dress! And if she does have more than three of these traits, you’ll want to know how to handle a dominant woman or you’ll end up […]

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Why Women Test You! (Shit Tests)

Is She Testing or Is She Serious? Why Women Test You! The reason why women test you may surprise you and will help you answer the question: Is she testing or is she serious? You’ll also learn why being tested is actually a good thing! Biological Differences Before we dive into is she testing or […]

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Revealing How Women Manipulate Men—Tactics Exposed! 

Revealing How Women Manipulate Men—Tactics Exposed!  Theres a difference between female manipulation vs reasonable needs. In this vlog, I’m revealing how women manipulate men and what you can do about it! It’s critical for your long term happiness that you gather enough intel on her to determine her risk level and potential for a long […]

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Make Her Feel Safe

How to Make Her Feel Safe How to make a woman feel safe is best understood with a story. Once upon a time, there was an average guy named John who wasn’t the tallest, richest or best looking fella but the ladies thought he was stellar! He had the knack of ATTRACTING seducing the most […]

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8 Phrases That Turn Women On! (Video Added!)

Phrases That Turn Women On (& When NOT to Use Them) There are certain subtle things men say that make women melt and the best part is these phrases that turn women on aren’t overtly sexual. So, these can help trigger attraction whether you’ve just met her or you’ve been bumping nasties for years. These […]

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