The Shit-Test vs Teasing vs Flirting

the shit test

Handle the Shit-Test. Get Over Teasing. Have Fun Flirting. After watching one of my videos on why women shit test men, one of my viewers asked a question about how to get over being teased. Here’s his Question: I just watched 1 of your YouTube videos on shit-testing, and it really rang true. I’ve viewed other […]

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When to Text a Girl

How Soon Should I Text Her? Recently, I received this question from a loyal follower: How soon should I text her again? When to text a girl back depends on the situation, but there are general guidelines on when to text a girl and when to hold off. His full inquiry about when to […]

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Benefits of The Friend Zone

Got Friend-Zoned? No Worries … Mate! Before we get to the benefits of the friend zone, I’ve got a few short stories from my personal life about men who have succeeded and failed when they got friend-zoned. Learn from them, fellas, so that you don’t wind up in the friend zone forever! The Friend Zone Example […]

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Get a Girlfriend Program is FREE – Find Out How to Get It!

If you already bought the program under the Movember code, you still qualify for this offer! Thank you all so much! xoxo AJ

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Best Dating App? Best Dating Sites? Does it Really Matter If Your Profile Sucks?? — Interview with Greg Schwartz

best dating app best dating sites

Online Dating Advice for Men AJ here: Hey, guys! Whether you’re looking for the best dating app or the best dating sites, you’re going to love this interview with Mr. Schwartz about how to make your online dating a shit ton more effective, and I dare say … fun! Make sure to read to the […]

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