Get Out Of The Friend Zone [VIDEO]

Avoid the Friend Zone by Adding “This” Element What’s the one thing you need to get out of the friend zone? In this short video, I share the secret ingredient you need to avoid the friend zone. Seriously, without this one secret ingredient, you’ll wind up being friend zoned forever by every girl you’re interested […]

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What Turns Women Off? Lesson #1: Trying Too Hard To Be Funny!

what turns women off

Too Funny! … No, but Really — You’re Trying Too Hard Pretty much every chick wants a guy who can make them laugh, but some guys cross a line and their humour becomes unattractive and annoying. A lot of the shy guys who come to me to help them get a girlfriend tell me how […]

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From Loser to Seducer – An Interview with Frank Kermit

from loser to seducer

One Man Goes From Repeated Rejection to Celebrated Love Coach Interview with Frank Kermit, Dating and Relationship Coach and author of the book: From Loser To Seducer. Enjoy! Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became a dating coach? I got stood up at my prom. I lost my ex-fiance to one of […]

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Can a Relationship Recover from Tragedy?

Write-In Question From a YouTube Viewer Warning: Potential Trigger Warning. If you have PTSD or have suffered depression or the loss of a loved one to suicide, this may not be a post for you to read. Disclaimer: I’m not a shrink. My response is based on my own ideas and experiences in life. Read […]

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How to Approach Women

how to flirt with women

And…How to Talk to Women Most guys come to me to build up their confidence before they ask me how to approach women or how to talk to women. We work on both in real time while getting them out of their comfort zone, out on the street and approaching and talking to woman STAT. […]

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