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Dating Coach For Men (1-on-1 Coaching)

I’m a dating coach for men. If you’re in a specific situation where your shyness, lack of or bad experiences with women, being “too nice” or your girlfriend/wife is pulling away… I can help you!

Unfortunately, I am not qualified to assist those who have mental health issues or legal situations. Please consult the appropriate authority and God Bless!

Sorry, Anna is no longer offering phone consultations.


Currently not available 🙁

This is not an on-going coaching program. I believe in providing the foundation for you to be able to manage your situation without needing ongoing coaching.

I believe it is far more difficult to develop the kind of independent, attractive attitude you need if you become dependent on a coach.

The best analogy is babies learning to walk. They’ll never learn on their own if someone is always carrying them.

My videos provide general information all men will benefit from. This email coaching service is for tricky, specific situations you need clarity on.

Please be prepared for gentle but direct feedback. Some of it you won’t like but you need.

Example here; my answer won’t be public.

You get:

  1. One personal email reply from me with feedback and advice within 3-5 business days (Monday to Friday excluding Canadian Statutory Holidays).
  2. I will reply within 3 business days (excluding Canadian Statutory Holidays). After  receiving initial reply, any new questions or situations require the purchase of another session.
  3. After your purchase, you’ll receive an email from me with instructions. (If you don’t see it, check your junk/spam folder.)
  4. You’ll have 2 business days to ask short clarifying questions.
  5. Your initial email question can be up to 1000 words. Your clarifying questions can be up to 100 words total (not 100 words per question).

Please note: I check emails once a day Monday to Friday, Canada PST time.


Bank cards, major credit cards and PayPal accepted.


Whether you’re really shy or really introverted, the most efficient place to start meeting women is online.

After all, women are online to meet men, including men like you!

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By the end of this easy to follow step by step video course you’ll:

  • Filter better so you can find, attract & keep a woman worth keeping!
  • Understand what quality women really want (it’s not what you think)
  • Get the respect you deserve from women! (And others.)
  • Know how to provide what she needs (without compromising you)!
  • Feel comfortable around any woman anywhere!
  • Finally get the love you long for deep down inside!

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I definitely feel something shifted inside me, I feel greater confidence and I can see and feel that I am attracting more attention from the opposite sex. ~ Deni

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Bank cards, major credit cards and PayPal accepted.

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Bank cards, major credit cards and PayPal accepted.

If you don’t want to invest in my online courses or coaching services but my blogs or videos have helped you and you feel moved to do so … feel free to donate the value of an overpriced latte 😉 Or whatever! I’m easy. (But not really.)

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Not ready, start with this FREE Instant Confidence Cheatsheet!

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Wingmam Dating Coach for Men is for you if you are:

  • Suffering by rejection or fear of approaching attractive women
  • Frustrated not knowing what to say to high quality women
  • Confused by women’s behaviour
  • Exhausted from Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome #FriendZone
  • In pain from losing your ex or having her pull away

Wingmam Dating Coach for Men is not for you if you:

  • Only want to pick up chicks and get laid. Nothing wrong with that, go forth and try out all the ice-cream flavours! When you’re ready to settle down without settling come back here. Learning only PUA tricks will not get you an amazing girlfriend.
  • Suffer from mental health issues or need legal advice.
  • Can’t handle direct, specific advice. I provide what’s effective for you to achieve your relationship goals.

Why you can trust me as your dating coach:

  • I’m not a shrink! If you’ve ever had a “therapy session,” you probably know that therapists don’t give much actionable advice. Actionable homework is the most effective thing you can get. My recommended actionable strategies fit where you are now so that each step is manageable.
  • I am a woman, but I think like a man. Women are a puzzle; they don’t even know what they want. But I do, so you’ll get the secret insights of what women really want so you can get what you really want.
  • I used to be painfully shy, was super insecure and had self-esteem so low you could step on it. With my guidance you’ll become confident, sexy, and “get the girl” plus keep her craving only you.

I am making the world a better place by helping single men find, attract and keep lasting love.

Are you ready to change your love life?

Take action now!

xo Anna aka AJ

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