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Relationship + Life Coaching

CHANGE and GROWTH requires new ACTION to create a new RESULT.

  • Ready to take the next big step?
  • Ready to get into action?
  • Looking for accountability to help you get what you want faster?
  • Ready to move to the next level of your evolution of you?

Meet Jeanell!

Please note: whether or not you have purchased a Wingmam program, Anna does not provide one-on-one coaching or personal advice about individual situations, but has personally selected Jeanell to assist you!

As a Relationship + Life Coach, Jeanell helps couples and individuals realize how truly powerful they are in creating a life they truly love but have only heard about.

Jeanell's unique style of non-filtered honesty, and straightness, mixed with fun playfulness is both refreshing and highly productive and is what her clients value most; someone to hold them BIG and remind them of how truly awesome they are while holding them accountable to their commitments.

Incredible shifts of transformation within her clients happen quickly and easily due to her natural ability to deeply connect with people with compassion, love, and vulnerability. She understands we are all perfect and our only job is to deal with our inability to see that in ourselves and others.

As children, we were brought up with a set of beliefs based on own experiences of life, often traumatic and debilitating. The safe space she creates allows for men to come as they are without the worry of being judged.

Based on her own personal experiences with abandonment, a broken family, divorce, sexual and emotional abuse, bullying, and being able to turn a challenging, mid-life crisis into the most rewarding and exhilarating experience of her life, Jeanell knows what it takes to have an extraordinary life and how to manifest an extraordinary relationship of your dreams!

Jeanell has been married to her husband Mike for over 10 years and have enjoyed over 16 years of blissful partnership.


Jeanell believes the key to having a happy and healthy relationship are:

1. Honour yourself first
2. Listen more than you talk
3. Love requires vulnerability and risk
4. Be the change you wish to see
5. Honour your word and careful your tongue
6. Heal your old emotional wounds immediately
7. Don't run away from your problems or be afraid to ask for help
8. Be 100% responsible

If you are ready to be the best version of you authentically, I invite you into a conversation with Jeanell to create this new reality.


  • Need someone who can go deep with you in a comfortable and safe way?
  • Looking for someone who can help point out your blind spots that you keep missing?
  • Looking for a good mix of feminine and masculine energy to balance out your life?
  • Ready to discover how truly awesome you are and believe it finally?

I'm your Wingwoman!


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What People Are Saying

Tyler H.

Jeanell always will come to you in a compassionate way but will call you out on your own Bad behavior such as lies or overplaying instances in your life. She helped me find the best version of me during a horrible time of my life. After a couple of sessions, I had made substantial improvements in my life. We spoke about childhood trauma and worked on healing the inner child, which involves reshaping our thoughts and beliefs about our childhood that heals us. When I completed the work, I found myself more positive, up-beat and loving myself and my life. I highly recommend if you want to heal your marriage or your past trauma in life you reach out to her. Be prepared to be challenged and supported by her, and embrace the new better version of yourself that her skillset will help you find.

Dan L.

Jeanell is an amazing coach. Not only has she been able to help me gain new insights into my relationship issues but also provided me with tools to take them on with inspired action. Through her coaching she helped me create a new loving relationship which was strained for almost 20+ years. She helped me remove deep-rooted negative beliefs and replaced them with new positive empowering ones which changed everything for me and my loved ones. Most importantly, I realized it's easier to have someone coach you and someone like Jeanell because she tells it like it is. Someone who tells you what you need to hear not what you want. My life is much more peaceful and at ease now just from a few conversations. Thanks Jeanell!

Ken R.

I had the pleasure to talk to Jeanell last weekend on the phone. I'm a 62 year old male and wasn't sure why I contacted her. Just felt like I needed to. After an hour chatting with her I understand why our paths crossed. Any words I type here don't even come close to explaining how special she is. I'm not a religious person but if there are angels in this world she is one. If anyone feels a bit off track or not in good place please talk to her. One doesn't need a PHD to help people. I have no doubt she is in this world to help people. I was a very lucky man to have crossed paths with her. Thanks again Jeanell. Never stop being you.