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Relationship & Marriage Coach

Meet Jeanell!

Jeanell is on a mission to save relationships and heal families because every single person deserves love and happiness.

She knows what it’s like to go through a slow death of a relationship; watching your relationship (and dreams) fall apart while losing yourself in the process.

She knows what it’s like to be married to a narcissist, feeling lonely, frustrated, not heard, used and abused, and unappreciated.

Jeanell Greene

Jeanell also knows what it’s like to be a product of a broken family plagued with infidelity, betrayal, and abandonment issues, and the daily battle of overcoming those traumatic memories and feelings of unworthiness.

And she knows the courage it takes to say, “enough is enough.” 

I also know the courage it takes to open up your heart fully again after a failed marriage and years of disappointment and resignation.

We all deserve to be happy and we all deserve to be loved and to love.

This is why I do what I do.

What People Are Saying

David H.

Jeanell worked with one of my daughters, who was suffering from a bad breakup. She did wonders to restore her confidence and zest for life. Thank you Jeanell. Your service is excellent and recommended.

Judith L.

Jeanell was absolutely bang-on with my life challenges. She's a true empathic person who gets it! I would highly recommend her to any person who's looking to get unstuck!!