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Sorry, You Can’t Make a Man Ready to Love

I’ve seen it happen numerous times. I’ve tried to do it myself. And what I’ve learned is that you can’t make a man ready to love.

But, guess what?

A man can’t make a woman ready, either.

Men may be open to being loved, but unless certain things in his life are in proper alignment, you can’t make men be in love.

More specifically, you can’t make a man ready to love you.

Things Men Need to Be Able to Be Ready to Love

He’s got to feel like he’s tried enough ice-cream flavours.

This is different for all men. Some men like to try a lot of flavours before deciding on their favourite.

Others try far fewer and know much sooner when they find their favourite flavour.

It’s the same with love.

A man can accept love, but he may not be ready to give love. And you can’t make a man ready.

He’s hasn’t accomplished enough in life yet.

Men need to feel like they’ve accomplished certain things in life in order to settle down. They want to be able to provide in some meaningful way.

Whether it’s a job he’s proud of or a paycheque he’s proud of, men need to feel like they’re moving toward their purpose.

Again, men have differing needs when it comes to accomplishment.

He needs you to be proud of what he’s accomplished, not just for being alive.

And no matter how much you say you’re proud of him, you can’t make a man ready to love if he’s not living up to his own expectations.

He’s not over a prior relationship.

This is one I see all. the. time.

A man on the rebound is a high risk venture.

He wants to love and he may even think he’s ready to love, but unless and until he’s healed enough from his past, he’s simply not going to trust love straight outta the gate.

And if you’re a gal who’s been ready for years, done all your self-work, gotten over your past and raring to go…

I’ve got to say, reel in the reigns! Because…

Yep, you can’t make a man ready to love.

The Solution in Cole’s / Cliff Notes

Don’t wait for him.

Don’t take yourself off the market unless you are willing to take the risk that the relationship has a high chance — let’s say 80% — of heading south.

Sorry. Don’t shoot the messenger. (Me!)

If you’re going through this right now, I know where you’re at. Been there, done that!

So, if you need to play it out to never wonder “what if?” then go for it.

I hope you’re in the 20%!

xo AJ

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