How to Get A Guy to Kiss You

how to get a guy to kiss you

Get the Guy to Kiss You! Oh, Yeah. Guest Post by Katie Smith It’s that time in your relationship which immediately takes it one step further. Whether you have dated him for five minutes or five weeks, looking forward to how to get a guy to kiss you is definitely nerve wracking. Here’s the truth… […]

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Dating Advice for Women

dating advice for women

Modern Dating Advice for Single Women Guest Post by Katie Smith We have generally heard that a man is supposed to date a woman. A man needs to approach us then convince us to be his date. After incurring all the efforts, he will win our heart and we’ll go on a date with him. […]

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How to Be Attractive to Men Lesson #1 — Men Are Not Mind Readers

how to be attractive to men

“… But He Should Know Better …” Women are amazing creatures, highly tuned and très intuitive, but men are not mind readers! They’re not even good at guessing what we’re thinking, and guess what? No, they shouldn’t have to be. And, by the way, I made all of these mistakes in many of my relationships! Until I […]

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What Is Somatica Coaching?

somatic coaching

Transform Your Sexual Life and Relationship Interview with Tracey Anne Tell us a bit about yourself and how did you become a dating / love coach? Relationships have always been important to me. I come from a very close, loving family. I recently became attracted to this work so that I could help other singles […]

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What is Ghosting? Benching, Bread-Crumbing, Cushioning, Stashing?

what is ghosting

Modern Dating Terms Explained Ghosting? What is ghosting? And what about the rest of these new dating terms?? In this world of modern technology, dating has evolved to a point where brand new dating situations have emerged, and we’ve got some modern dating terms that need to be explained. By the way, all of these […]

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