Should I Change To Get A Man?

should i change to get a man

Become A Different You To Get A Mate?? *Blood Boils* How many women think, “Should I change to get a man?” It might not seem like a liberated, empowering quandary to ask ourselves, but there’s some merit to the idea. Don’t bitch me out, because I totally understand your stanza on this hot topic ‘cause […]

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Dear Self, Please Stop Self-Sabotaging My Love Life

How to Stop Self-Sabotage in Its Tracks Dear Self, I love you, but please stop self-sabogating my (love) life. I think it’s time we—me and me—had a little chitchat … We’re trying to lose weight, get fit and lose five pounds, but then we go to the closest greasy burger joint and eat a mound of […]

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Manifest The Man Of Your Dreams With The Law Of Attraction

law of attraction

Get the Guy You Really Want He’s out there, I promise! If you want to use the Law of Attraction to find and attract the man of your dreams and get the guy you really want—the one who makes you smile just to think about him—then there’s one thing you’ve got to do right this […]

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Why Women Like Bad Boys

why women like bad boys

Start Going for Assertive Guys. Stop Getting Assholes. Wait, What? Ohhhh, I know all about this topic! My last boyfriend was a bad boy. He even named his company with the common phrase “Bad boys finish first!” If you want to know why women like bad boys, let me share my wisdom—earned from a woeful […]

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Quick—How To Get A Husband!

get a husband

Become a “Marriage Material” Mate Well, Anna, I’m an independent #bossbabe, and maybe I don’t want to “get a husband.” *Sigh* Yes, I know. You can take care of yourself. You’re strong, smart and successful. You got it going on, girl! And by “girl,” I mean “woman” because I don’t want you tracking me down […]

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