Manifest the Man of Your Dreams (Adult Themes)

how to get a guy to kiss you

Hot Self Pleasure Tips to Man-ifest the Man of Your Dreams Guest Post by Stacy Michelle (AJ note: Juicy adult themes ahead that all Goddesses ought to embrace. Literally!) After many years of playing the dating game, I realized one thing. You can read all the dating how-to books in the world, but if you […]

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5 Tips for Chicks: Make Online Dating Suck Less

Make Dating Fun (ish) with These Online Dating Tips for Women! I always joke that online dating is like dumpster diving for diamonds! If you want to find that one gem you’re hoping for and make online dating suck less, then apply these online dating tips tout-de-suite! (That be French for “pronto!” Which is Italian. […]

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Rocking Rabina’s True Story of Success in Love!

What's the difference between physical/sexual chemistry and intellectual/emotional connection?

Success in Love is Actually Pretty Darn Simple Hey, Ladies! I wanted to share this #truestory of success in love (with permission of course) from a gal I met recently who went from a relationship with Narcissist Steve to Groovin’ Gavin. Rabina wasn’t super experienced with relationships when she met Narcissist Steve so when sparks […]

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Get a Boyfriend For Crying Out Loud [VIDEO]

get a boyfriend

How to Get a Boyfriend? Just WakeUP2Luv! If you think Valentine’s Day sucked because you’re single then you’re doing “single” all wrong! However, I get it. You’re tired of singleville and just want to know how to get a boyfriend, dang it. AJ’s Road Map to the Love Meadow aka How to Get Boyfriend Summary: […]

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When To Text and When Not to Text a Guy – Guest Post

make a man chase you

The Purpose of Texting by Adam Smith Did you know that only 25 years ago texting did not even exist? How crazy is that? You were probably alive and nobody even knew what texting was. So when to text and when not to text a guy is a question all women will benefit from knowing […]

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