Does He Like Me?

does he like me, signs a guy likes you

How to Tell if a Guy Likes You How to tell if a guy likes you is remarkably easy. The reason so many women ask the question, Does he like me?,  is because we’ve forgotten that men don’t speak hint. If a guy likes you, you’ll have no doubt. Men are not subtle unless … The […]

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Should You Play “Hard to Get?” The Surprising Answer!

play hard to get?

No way, but … You Should BE Hard to Get Two clients — one male, the other female — were in similar relationship situations: Each found a special someone who they really liked. But the challenge was that their love interests were both “scared little birds” afraid of moving too fast into a new relationship. This […]

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How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

And … When to Tell a Guy You Like Him In the last couple weeks, I’ve had two women ask whether or not they should tell the guy that they like him. Well, the first thing you need to remember about how to tell a guy you like him is that men don’t speak hint! I’ve […]

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How to Be More Feminine, #BossBabe ;)

how to be more feminine

Dating Advice for Strong, Independent, Self-Empowered Women I have a lot of girl friends and clients who are strong, independent, self-empowered glass-ceiling breakers, and the one thing they all ask me is how to be more feminine without losing their strong personalities. Well, ladies, I’m also a Boss Babe! Been there, figured out that delicate […]

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