Why Men Brag

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Why Men Brag?

Men brag because they want women to know what they have to offer. It’s not obvious, after all, and since men don’t speak “hint” they assume women don’t either. Fair enough.

Why Women Get Turned Off by Men Bragging.

Women do speak “hint.” We interpret a glance to mean a thousand different things so when men tell us what they’ve got to offer in a way that (to us) seems boastful and obvious, we interpret that as him making up for flaws we don’t know about (yet).


Tips for Dicks:

Show, don’t tell.

  • If you’ve got a fancy car, we can see that, you don’t have to tell us how much it cost.
  • If you consider yourself chivalrous, walk on the traffic side of the sidewalk, don’t tell her you’re chivalrous.

Tips for Chicks:

Though it can be frustrating when a man brags, give him the benefit of the doubt, he may simply be nervous because he thinks you’re a high value lady.

If a man brags…

  • Know that boasting is meant as a compliment to us; he may be nervous or feel out of his element, not insecure in general.
  • If you think you might kinda like him without the bragging, win big bonus points by asking him more about his fancy sports car. It’ll make him feel at ease and you’ll soon find out if he’s was a Nervous Neil or a Bragging Bob. (Gents: There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere. You’re welcome.)

Why Men Brag Takeaway:

Men brag because they want to impress us. They don’t get to slay mammoths, anymore. Men want to impress us because they like us. Is that so bad, ladies?

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