Why Women Spread ‘em For Gerard Butler [Video]

 … aka How To Drive Women Wild With Desire & Passion …

… aka: How To Be More Confident With Women.

I’m writing this blog for men in “man language.”

Dame Disclosure: If you’re a woman reading this, take heed: potentially offensive material ahead—also the reason I “get” guys—that you may learn something from!

What is “man language”?

  • Short sentences. And paragraphs. (And blogs.) Like this.
  • Naughty quips laid out on the page. (You’re welcome. *wink*)
  • Get to the point-ism.

The Pointism …

What makes Gerard Butler Mr. Sexy Pants:

  1. His crooked grin. It’s lippy, as in cheeky/naughty/mysterious/smug/grr.
  2. His authenticity aka I-don’t-give-a-care-if-you-like-me-or-agree-with-me (but he’s not a dick about it).
  3. His erect posture (a purposeful word choice). Erect reads: confident, which leads me to …
  4. His confidence, and that kinda goes back to authenticity. He’s comfortable with who he is.
  5. His laugh—
    • is hearty and unapologetic, and
    • comes easily (probably like most of the ladies he’s been with).

Sure, he’s a handsome devil—and rich and famous and blah blah blah—but! There are plenty of other dudes who have good looks, money, and fame but aren’t all that sexy.

(The ladies are nodding, I assure you, gents.)

The good news is that you don’t have to be Gerard Butler to get extra sexy points—men like points and scoring, and chicks dig sexy #winwin—by getting good at the five things that make Mr. Butler deliciously appealing to women.

I’d eat that with a spoon. 😉

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