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How to Tease a Girl Effectively!

How to Tease a Girl Effectively Knowing how to tease a girl (or a woman) without offending her requires knowing this one thing about the tease, because if you mess up a tease you could get punched in the gonads. Metaphorically, that is. Now that I’ve got your attention, and since no man wants to […]

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Ditch Loneliness & Get a Girlfriend in 2021!

How to Get a Girlfriend in 2021 Why you need to know how to get a girlfriend in 2021…Loneliness and depression are linked to shortened life span! Though, the good news about a shortened life span is not having to endure said lonely life quite as long. Ugh. Loneliness was at epidemic proportions even before […]

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What Makes You a Real Man to Her? Parts 1-4!

What Makes You a Real Man to Her (Features All Women Love) What makes you a real man to her? Maybe a better descriptor is what makes you a “true man” to her? If this is your first visit to this post please carry on. If you’ve read parts 1-3 and are looking for part […]

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Where to Meet Decent Women

Where to Meet Decent Women in 2021 The obvious place for where to meet decent women in 2021 is on a dating site or app, but that’s not the only place to meet good women. But just before we get into the list of where to meet decent women there’s some good news, fellas! In […]

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Why Do I Care About Men?

Why DO I Care About Men? A viewer recently made a comment on one of my recent videos asking me why I do what I do. Why do I care about men? Well, if you know my story, you know I came to be a dating and relationship expert by personal experience… in that I […]

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