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No More Mr Nice Guy Book by Dr. Robert Glover

Stop Being “Nice” Start Getting Girls

Hey Guys! Guess what? Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr Nice Guy, is coming to Vancouver! Stay tuned for more details…no more mr nice guy book
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Connor Beaton, founder of ManTalks. He was a classic “Nice Guy.”  

A True “No More Mr Nice Guy” Short Story…

Before founding ManTalks, Connor was a struggling 20-something.
Things began to change for him when he was flat broke and actually lived in his car for a short time. He was also habitually cheating on his girlfriends at the time. #badkarma
“Wait, those doesn’t sound like Nice Guy problems,” you might be saying.
They are.
Nice guys refuse to ask for help because they don’t want to be perceived as needing anything.
Connor eventually told a friend about his situation, and to his (Connor’s) shock the friend offered to share his apartment while Connor got back on his feet.
Connor accepted the offer of help and soon had a job and his own apartment again. Things were starting to look up!
What about the cheating? Well, Nice Guys often cheat because it provides temporary validation from women. And seeking validation from women is what Nice Guys do the most. They are habitually unable to validate themselves.
So what did Connor do? And…

No More Mr Nice Guy Solution to Overcome “Nice Guy Syndrome”

Connor started educating himself. He read Dr. Glover’s book, No More Mr Nice Guy.
This book has helped men radically, which is why I’m so excited today, because ManTalks (the organization Connor founded and runs) is bringing Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr Nice Guy to Vancouver.


He’ll be here for two events. One is a Thursday evening speaking event on September 21, 2017, which is open to both men and women.
But the second is a full day workshop for men-only and is designed to help them overcome Nice Guy Syndrome. The workshop is on Saturday, September 23, 2017.
nice guy syndromeFirst of all, let me say this: Dr. Glover’s book has helped me further understand nice guys immensely. (I’ve had relationships with a few. I exited those relationships. Let us all learn together!)
It changed Connor’s life by helping him build a community of men, ask for what he wants in relationships, take care of himself first, and much more.

If you’re in the Vancouver, BC area and able to attend, this event is sure to be worthwhile for you. I will be at the September 21st speaking event, come say, “Hi!”

You can get tickets to the No More Mr Nice Guy workshop here:
And take note that if you buy a ticket to the workshop you will also receive a free ticket to the Thursday night speaking event with Dr. Glover. You can get tickets to the speaking event here:
I can’t wait for this even, and I’ll see you there.
xo AJ
p.s. I’ll post the fun and informative video interview I did with Connor next week. Subscribe to be sure to get a notification when it’s posted. 
connor beaton, mantalks
Connor Beaton, Founder of ManTalks (and me!)
My face says I just learned a new thing!

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